When Christmas Hurts – Part 2/2


Christmas Blues

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia


(Concluded from Part 1, yesterday.)

The largest lesson I learned from this was that it validated for me the statement that our vasanas or core issues are being raised to the surface right now and that they can be and are being eliminated. That lesson I’ve now experienced. I have seen them rise, be experienced, and then be eliminated.

The second lesson I draw from this is that the Universal Laws really do seem to work. I’m a skeptic in this matter. I feel the need for proof to feel comfortable before I accept the things I’m seeing as a new reality.

And this is one instance of a strong proof having been presented.

This was not at all a pleasant vasana – feeling alone and isolated. If anything could make me feel suicidal it’d be having to deal with this cavernous heartache and finding no way out. Linda Dillon talked about core issues being things you’d rather die than experience. That’s pretty close to my experience.

A third lesson is to make sure everyone who feels miserable at Christmastime hears the good news: There is a way out; just (A) know that the vasana is coming up to be eliminated, (B) experience it as much as you feel you want to, and (C) then invoke Sanat Kumara and the Universal Law of Elimination to have it taken away. It works.

If not at this moment, I recommend you persevere. (2)

I now feel the same feeling of an aching heart come up in me. It used to be overwhelming but has very little force or impact now. It’s become a feeling of wistfulness – like I’m missing something that the Divine Plan wants me to be missing in my life right now – in this case, copious contact.

Let me search out any residue from – any remaining roots of – this vasana by shifting my perspective from that of victim to chooser.

If I can “choose” my lifestyle which, at this moment has me feel isolated and lonely, my feeling state should shift. That’s my hypothesis.

I choose my lifestyle exactly the way it is. I’ve never been so happy.

I have as much contact in my life as the conditions of my service allow and I’m reluctant to increase that small circle. If the result is periodic loneliness and isolation, I choose to endure it.

If I feel isolated and lonely at Christmastime, I have numerous options. If I don’t take advantage of them, I’m choosing to do that and to endure the consequences – a vasana-related aching heart.

I choose this lifestyle even at the price of the occasional seasonal pain.

That’s it then.

I’m restored to choice. I’ve successfully emerged from the hurt, the aching heart that Christmas often arouses in me.

An hour later…

I suddenly became aware of where this vasana originates. The picture flashed past my mind and I grabbed it, so to speak.

As a baby, I had excema on my arms. To prevent me from scratching and crying at night, my parents tied my hands to opposite sides of the crib and wheeled me into the kitchen where they left me no matter how long or loudly I cried.

I felt isolated and lonely. It broke my heart and my bond of trust. All my life I’ve dreaded being in that experience again.

Christmas raises those fears because I often find myself without somewhere to go on Christmas. By choice. But feeling isolated and lonely threatens to take me back to the experience in the crib. And I resist going there, to the point of wanting to check out.

Now I know where the vasana comes from, which contributes to its release. The truth will set you free.

An hour again later….

I erupted into laughter for five minutes in the middle of a phone call. I could not stop.  I felt it as a tremendous release. Something very deep has been released. Fortunately it fit in to what we were discussing. Afterwards I felt a great deal lighter.

The overall process set in motion never stops. Today it’s working my way through the Christmas blues, but that’s just the vasana of the day. Tomorrow another could go off. I’m told that the energies are high, driving our vasanas to the surface. This article has demonstrated how I deal with what results.


(1) This is only the second time I’ve made the invocation of universal law work. The first was invoking the Law of Give and Receive to open my arms to receive abundance. I forgot to say “physical abundance” and got instead an experience of the space of abundance. I was awestruck.

Around that same time, I had a related experience, though not by invoking the Universal Law.

Archangel Michael whispered in my ear, “Maestro.” What followed took a split second but I went through these steps.  I translated it. It meant “master.”

When I combined the experience of hearing him whisper it in my ear with knowing what it meant in my native language, the effect was an explosive realization. I found myself occupying the space of mastery, in the experience of it, for a short while. Again I was awestruck at the majesty of the experience.

All these experiences are transitory. I’m again back in everyday consciousness.  No apparent long-term effects except a gradual expansion, like everyone else.

Only Sahaja, only Ascension can be said to be moksha, mukti, liberation from the constraints of Third/Fourth Dimensionality, such as birth and death.

Only Sahaja will eliminate all our vasanas and release us from the conditions the 3/4D body falls victim to (ageing, disease, hunger, thirst, heat and cold, sleeplessness, etc.).


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