A Beautiful Picture With A Picture Within

look for a minute to see if you see anything











do you see it yet 🙂


was looking at this picture i took and seen them so beautiful i had to show everyone.


  1. Recently my friends Cat passed away. My friend has had a debilitating injury which has caused constant pain for 2 years and ‘Snowy’ has been the most loving and helpful little furball throughout. Needless to say my friend was devastated at her passing. The following day we had a beautiful burial in a bit of forest nearby, another friend carved a sandstone headstone and Snowy was laid to rest with a few items and stones under a Eucalyptus sapling. When we got back and looked through the photos she’d taken, there were two Orbs hovering beside the little tree. In two seperate photos from different angles the Orbs are clearly visible. These caused tears of sorrow to turn to tears of joy. 🙂


  2. These little animals souls are with us and evolving, we share our lives with them. They are so precious and it’s always good to remember that they place their love in our hands and they need us for sustenance and comfort. Oh, the many animal souls that have suffered, one of the things that needs to be done in this world is for people to understand these evolving souls that come into these animal bodies and to respect them, love them, and protect them.

    Windy Star


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