The Journey Begins…

By Wes Annac, Openhearted Rebellion

Originally posted October 21, 2020

Along with encouraging a new kind of heart-centered rebellion, my purpose for this blog is to commentate on spirituality and inspire anyone who, like me, is trying to improve themselves. Another general goal is to share my thoughts as I navigate a world in which I feel I don’t belong.

Maybe some of you can relate.

This blog is meant to be a sacred space where I can comfortably share these thoughts, as well as a space you can feel comfortable discussing all the things that make you wonderfully weird. Nothing is off-limits here, though some of my opinions may differ radically from yours.

The first step to creating the community I envision is to commit to a solid writing schedule. What good are my thoughts and inspirations if I don’t share them? I possess a basic writing capability; it is only logical to practice every day and share the results on the blog. Hopefully, in time, the content will improve in quality.

Aside from a hectic schedule at my day job, the only thing that’s stopped me is a lack of discipline. I let myself off easy when I should be writing. There’s always tomorrow, I tell myself. I’ve let that thought keep me from trying harder at that moment because, like most people, I take tomorrow for granted.

I assume tomorrow will always be there, though I know one day it will not. Hopefully, that day is far off in the future; but you never know what could happen. You could be whisked from this life to the next in an instant, wishing you could go back and cherish the moments you thought you would never lose.

With this mindset, I know I must put in work to live the life I imagine is possible. I don’t want to be someone who settles for a life of minimum effort. I want to work hard for the things I believe in and reach a few people with a message I hope is positive.

My vision is to write and make things that expand the themes you’ve come to expect from me – spirituality, empathy, a love for nature, and thoughts on how we can make the world a better place. The only way to make this happen is to start writing a lot.

The problem is that I always meet an apathetic part of myself that doesn’t really want to try. I’ve spent too many nights taking it easy and assuming I’ll do better the next day. What I need is a healthy dose of discipline coupled with the understanding that tomorrow is not assured.

I have a lot to learn about discipline and dedication. I know a consistent schedule will be crucial, as this daily practice will force me to confront the destructive parts of myself that discourage me from trying. This will be a long journey, but you’ll get to see it unfold here on the blog.

As always, thank you for being a part of this project. I appreciate all of you who’ve stuck around, and I hope to have more for you soon. I still have a lot to say about the concept of an openhearted rebellion, but I have some barriers within to confront before I’ll be confident enough to say it.

For now, my commitment is to discipline, free expression, and the breaking down of walls that have left me too apathetic and self-conscious to live the life I want.


Wes Annac =)

Featured image by Krzysztof Kamil from Pixabay