Krishnamurti Quotes: Without Any Desire for Reward or Fear of Punishment

J. Krishnamurti Online, November 26, 015

Now, is it possible for the mind to free itself of the observer, of the watcher, of the experiencer, without any motive? Obviously, if there is a motive, that very motive is the essence of the ‘me’, of the experiencer. Can you forget yourself entirely without any compulsion, without any desire for reward or fear of punishment, just forget yourself?

I do not know if you have tried it. Has such a thought even occurred to you, has it ever come to your mind? And when such a thought does arise, you immediately say, ‘If I forget myself, how can I live in this world where everybody is struggling to push me aside and get ahead?’

To have a right answer to that question you must first know how to live without the ‘me’, without the experiencer, without the self-centred activity, which is the creator of sorrow, the very essence of confusion and misery.

So is it possible, while living in this world with all its complex relationships, with all its travail, to abandon oneself completely and be free of the things which go to make up the ‘me’?

The Collected Works, Vol. X”,254, Choiceless Awareness

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