Lisa Gawlas: Changing the Building Blocks of Past and Future Thru the Full Moon Infusion!!

life paths changeBy Lisa Gawlas, The Shift of Time and Energy, November 26, 2015

Today, in the USA, it is Thanksgiving, a true feast day!!  A day set aside by Abraham Lincoln to take the focus off the civil war and focus inwards with gratitude.  

A declaration of a national holiday to focus on what unites us, instead of what separates us and to take that moment to be grateful inside and out.  Today especially, I would like to give special, love filled thanks to all the unseen helpers within my life and every life there is.

To our unceasingly patient, guides, teachers, loved ones on the other side of the veil who assist us unceasingly, who love us with unyielding support, who break thru the barriers of all that we think separate us (from them) to touch our lives.  Equally, I give tremendous thanx and unyielding love to that which I call God, Source, Creator who gives us abundant life in all sorts of varieties, who loves us enough to let us fall and let us find our way back up again.  Who shows up as each one of you, in a package that only you can display and You wrap around my life like ornaments on a tree.  You brighten and enhance my world in ways I could have never dreamed possible.

So to our spiritual teams that moved heaven and earth to make sure we found each other on this planet of 7 billion people, to the Source that shines thru You as You and most especially to YOU, my gratitude runs over this morning.  I love you, I honor you and am filled with the deepest thanks that YOU and I are alive, together and share in these incredible moments of human evolution.  Thank you for loving me the way you do!!  Happy Thanksgiving my Loves!!

I suppose I have awakened in the after glow of the full moon.  I wasn’t even sure how yesterday would unfold since the day prior, I was able to see the first  people on the field, clear as day, my 6th one showed up, nuttin.  Well, sorta nuttin, I didn’t see my floor, but I also didn’t see her field either.  At least her team was chatty enough to help us understand why.  Some people are in a three-day intense cycle with the moon energy itself, culminating today.  I have no idea what the difference is, between those I can see and those I cannot see, but it is going to be exciting to find out since yesterday, half of my appointments were visible, the last half were not, save the last one, but I will get to that in a moment.

For those three I could see, the layout was similar to each.  Spirit used the triangle I was seeing as in inlay within their field, each persons terrarium if you will.  The apex was absorbing the radiance of the moon beams coming thru directly over head.  Altho I could not see their bodies, I knew what I was looking at cuz we just used that example in the sharing.  But instead of explaining each one, let me pull it all together for the enormity of what is or was at hand.

If we can look at our consciousness itself as a tremendous series of cogs that are constantly running and accessing higher and lower bits of information, this moon in particular serves to change out some of the running cogs to new ones.  Changing the matrix within our consciousness, accessing fields of information and dare I even say, memories and knowings never available to us before.  Hidden in the spiritual cloud banks of amnesia, on purpose so that we did not taint their purity with our bias.

As I was watching one lady’s cogs change out, it equally started to change the building blocks that was once her past trail to this moment.  This stunned me.  First, they really did look like a ton of building blocks, all natural wood in color:


I would have thought for sure, at least in this lifetime, our path to this moment was solid, set, knowable.  Not even a little bit.  I watched as these blocks changed the pathway, the energy that we never realized, and it even connected to what we think of as our past lives, those connections changed to.  I suppose the reality is, the past we thought we lived is not as true as we think it may have been.  (A head scratcher even for me lol.)  With this change out of our consciousness cogs (connections and accessibilities) and the change out of our past, of course, it would have to change out our perceived future, creating a dynamic that has never been available to us before.

With one of my ladies, I had seen her future pathways suddenly change, move like an automatic puzzle would move into a higher alignment with itself. She had four options before her, each choice a different outcome, and as we were talking her choices merged into one higher path, encompassing instead of individuated.  She had asked a question that shed light on what I was seeing and let me be clear, this merger happened BEFORE she asked the question, which means, she had already held the answer in her heart, the question only served to validate from her team, what she had already felt to be her best choice.

The question she asked gave a reply that excited me and will help many with the clarity that can often times, be very confusing.

She had met a man who lived far away, they had amazing connections non-physically and they finally met physically recently.  That magnetic attraction was still there, however, some things changed or maybe better stated was not all that magnetic once in person.

When we meet close members of our soul group, the souls we incarnate with from the other side of the veil, there is a magnetic charge to the energy exchange between the two.  Like intense energy swirling around and creating moments of bliss in the shared unity unfolding.  What we often confuse this energetic exchange with is “relationship” energy because often times if feels more intense than anything we knew before.  We have safe guards built-in to tell us, nope this was not meant to be a relationship, or equally, take it all over the top to shout… YES!!  Lets play here!!

Sex and/or communication!!  If the flow of communication suddenly changes when we are together, that’s a big tell.  Something changed magnetically.  But if sex isn’t all that and a bag of chips, if it doesn’t match the magnetic flow that happens when you’re not in that unified sacred space, that is a HUGE tell.  The plug was never meant to go into the outlet. (smile)

Something huge shifts when we move from the phone or computer to in person.  I learned this very well trying to do in person readings.  I really didn’t like it at all.  It changed the energy flow that happens when we are not physically present.  Our egos fill the room (and that’s not said as a bad thing at all, it just does change the energetic dynamic in the physical.)

So if your body and/or your mind is saying… not so much.  Trust that communication.  On the other had, if either or both sends you into the bliss of heaven… play there often!!

I had this man yesterday who showed up in his triangle, but the focus was on the ground beneath this energy system.  Dirty white ground boiling.  He is being uploaded and downloaded with secrets from the earth that has been held out of our consciousness to bring forward in their purity and create new building blocks with it.  What I found kewl, was the imagery and explanation that his team sent for understanding.  This part feels like it will apply to many of us going forward.

They showed me a can of beer, my favorite beer Coors Light (smile) and the silver bullet can.  I don’t have to see whats inside the can, I assume its beer.  The image and the constants have been entrained in our minds, and we think we know something.  Lets just move into we don’t know shit, it will keep assumptions out of our tainting what is going to be revealed.

Instantly, the can of beer became a clear glass of beer, but not not only could he/we see the beer inside, we knew its make up, its full energetic construct simply by changing the container.  I know there is more to it than that, but I don’t know what that is… yet!!

My fourth and fifth lady’s, invisible to my eyes.  My 6th, kinda weird and leaves me puzzled even now.  I was seeing her before our call, she was standing on the ground in her field of life, spread eagle, arms and legs extended outwards, every strand of hair extending outwards from her head, each strand and her whole body was embedded with ice crystals.  The energy of the full moon, for her, was like a tremendous snow storm, I could see it circulating around her and the eye (think hurricane) of this storm directly above  her.  When we connected tho, like the two before her, I got my damn floor and no understanding of what this means… dammit!!

We shall see.  Well, I have three breakfast entrees (readings) this morning and it’s creeping towards that time.  Feel my heart reach out and wrap around yours as I give you tons of Thanksgiving Kisses, I am beyond grateful for your Presence in my Life!!  I love you soul much!!  In-Joy your day and the food that blesses you this day and every day, too!!

Lisa Gawlas

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