Steve Beckow: What Factors Make Ascension Challenging? – Part 5

Written by Steve Beckow

UFO 44Photo: “Your planet is literally surrounded with craft from all corners of the universe”

(Continued from Part 4.)

Earth is the First to Ascend

A second meaning given the phrase “mass Ascensions” is that the entire universe is ascending, AAM says.

“In past ages, the ascension process was available only to those who incarnated as initiates firmly on the path, and as disciples whose mission was to anchor as much Divine Light and to bring forth as much cosmic wisdom as possible.

“That time is past. It is a time of mass ascension, for all the planets, solar systems and galaxies within this universe are actively involved in an ascension process.” (1)

SaLuSa echoes AAM: “In the larger picture, you are looking at a Divine Plan for the Ascension of the Universe.” (2)

When I asked Sanat Kumara if the whole universe was ascending, he revealed in his reply that “you’re first in line.” (3)

“Robert” asked “Anastara” why the Earth was the first planet to undergo ascension while still in physical form, she replied:

“It is simply … part of the evolution and the unfoldment of the Mother’s plan. So it has been done in other ways in other capacities, but now it is the next step. …

“So, is it audacious? Yes. But is it part of the evolution of the Mother’s plan? Yes. … It is more phenomenal than many realize.” (4)

Thus, as Saan and the Arcturians tell us, “your Earth is indeed leading the way in the Universal ascension taking place.” (5)

In light of this, as Mira tells us, “there is not a single place in all of Creation that is not affected by what is going on with the Earth right now.” (6) Sanat explains that how we do it will set the paradigm for many others.

“It is having a ripple effect throughout the entire universe. And the fact that the human race matured enough to say, no, we will care for everybody, has caused ripples and amazement throughout the galaxies!

“So they are watching very closely how you are doing it. And how it is going, because it will set the paradigm for other planetary Ascensions, other realms that want to work in this way.” (7)

There’s a second reason why Earth’s Ascension leads the way and is being watched by so many. The Earth has been under the control of the dark, so much so that we could not have made our Ascension without help, as SaLuSa informs us.

“You are the only ones who are unable to do it entirely for yourselves, and of course we of the Galactic Federation of Light and others are very active in helping you.” (8)

Saan and the Arcturians tell us that “your planet has long been shrouded in darkness and lower-dimensionality of extreme proportions.” (9) SaLuSa says that we “have been in quarantine.” (10) Knowing what SaLuSa means involves knowing that Earth has been travelling space since at least the early 1970s.

Ours was “the final challenge to overcome the odds you are up against, and succeed in taking the path to Ascension.” (11) In the course of things, Mira tells us, “the Earth has been pardoned for many things. That is why we say you are in a state of grace.” (12)

And Matthew too tells us that the dark must be reconciled with the light on Earth at this time.

“What happens on Earth affects the universe, so it is of utmost significance to those advanced civilizations that the dark ages on your home planet be reconciled within the light and you knowledgeably take your rightful place among your universal family.” (13)

SaLuSa suggested that “it must seem quite astonishing to you that the Universe waits for the civilization of your little Earth to complete the cycle of duality, so that they may ascend themselves. That is how extremely important your progress is to the future of other life, that like you is on a path back to the Source.” (14)

Wanderer of the Skies reported that “your planet is literally surrounded with craft from all corners of the universe as all beings vie for ringside seats to the greatest show in the galaxy.” (15)

Perhaps this helps us to understand why SaLuSa would say that “there is so much help coming to you from many quarters, as the Universe follows the events upon Earth very closely. Your evolution is viewed as being most important, and a successful outcome is essential to the future of Mankind.” (16)

Therefore many star beings have gathered to watch the progress of events on Earth because Earth is the first planet to ascend, Earth has been in the clutches of the dark, Earth is the place where the experiment of physical Ascension is being played out, and Earth’s is a mass Ascension with the further development that humanity has asked to ascend as one. These aspects of Ascension must be taken into consideration if we’re to understand the complexity of matters and all that’s transpiring here at this time.

(Continued in Part 6.)


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