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Have you ever been having a bad day and someone out of the blue says hello or smiles at you and suddenly you are snapped back into the reality of how wonderful life truly is? Humans have a uncanny ability to get lost in their own dramas and become oblivious to everything around them. It is so important to get out of ourselves and think about others. This is all part of beginning to realize the oneness of all life.

You never know when you are going to impact someones else’s life and that is what is so marvelous about giving of ourselves. We do it for others but in fact we are giving to ourselves as well for when we make another soul feel good we feel good.  Life is interconnected on so many levels we are just now learning about.

Giving seems to be growing in the world and it is raising up hearts all over. Look at the Snowden fiasco. Yes our corrupt Government would have us all believe he is a traitor, he has put the country in grave danger etc. They are trying desperately to vilify this man to take the heat off of themselves!

Despite their brainwashing of facts, people all around the world are behind him, cheering him on, grateful that he has revealed the truth to all of the world as to what is being done to us. Everyone is opening up to him and giving him support and hopefully protection. Unfortunately the US has threatened other countries to such a degree that if they harbor Snowden they will reap our repercussions! We all know what the US can do to other countries.

People want to reach out and help others. It feels good and we are beginning to understand this. Humanity has come such a long way. If you glance back over your shoulder you will be amazed by what you see. A very different world we used to be a few years ago. We are zooming along shifting in so many different ways and at times we don’t even realize it. We have opened our hearts and minds to new ideas and a new reality, we have done so with the devout trust in our hearts that where we are going is the correct direction to be headed in.

Forgiving is equally as important as giving as far as I am concerned. A mind that cannot forgive is a mind that is closed to evolving for the betterment of humanity. Forgiving is not always an easy thing to do, but we must make the supreme effort to do so. Now take a deep breath…Okay, this will be hard to swallow, but we must forgive the dark ones for all they have done and are still doing. To not forgive them is to perpetuate the illusion that we are all different, separate from one another. To continue to hate them is to keep that hate filled frequency alive and flourishing which creates a huge imbalance in the world. As long as we continue to blame them and hate them we keep that mindset alive and we dash all hopes of unity and love. We don’t ever have to forget the evil they have buried us in, but we must forgive!

Forgiving is the ultimate act of love towards another. If we want to create a world of love we therefore must BE love. The dark ones are really no different than we are except they reside at a much lower frequency fueled by ego’s misguided dramas. We were all standing in their shoes once before we evolved to a higher state of consciousness and obviously somebody forgave us in another lifetime or we would not be here today.

To forgive is NOT to forget and yes, the dark ones must be held accountable for their crimes, but we can forgive them. Somebody had to accept the role of the dark ones so this whole scenario could play out in our quest for light in the world. Personally I am glad I wasn’t asked to play the part of the dark ones! We needed the dark in order to see the value of the light and what we are striving for. So our biggest and perhaps most difficult challenge for us to face, will be to forgive the dark and move forward into the light. We can and we must do this. We are love!

Blessings to us all,



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