Lightwork and Wingwalking

Written by Steve Beckow
Photo: Wingwalking

As we go forward with our lightworker projects, and in fact approach the time when we can expect the maximum involvement with the Company of Heaven – as gatekeepers, pillars, communicators, and the like – we may find ourselves working in larger and larger groups and needing to get along and co-operate.

Many projects start out in a honeymoon phase and then enter a tug-of-war phase. Unless teams create ways of getting out of the tug-of-war phase, projects can fail.

To work with predictable disagreements that may come up, I personally find myself needing to develop a larger and larger toolbox of distinctions to make things work, to do the kind of wingwalking that lightwork is these days.

I frankly acknowledge myself feeling taxed at times, seeing that I only have a very few, often-blunt tools in my toolbox, and noticing the need to create more if I’m to meet the novel situations that arise in 5D or new-paradigm lightwork.

Here are some of the insights I’m coming to.

First, it’s becoming important to identify those people I can create a beachhead of workability with, those people who are willing to have a conversation for breakthrough when breakdown occurs. I’m finding that useful from a number of vantage points.

One is that it allows me to clear the feelings that have arisen in me before I engage on matters that seem to be going awry. That way I increase my chances of being able to discuss the matter using neutral language, rather than blaming or attacking. I’m not suggesting sidebarring or gossiping here. I’m suggesting me clearing my own issues first before proceeding.

Second is that it allows me to create more distinctions around how I want to proceed than I have in my own toolbox at any one moment.

Third is it gives me confidence to engage with people I know are committed to living life at a high level of workability, accountability, and integrity. It wakes me up to what’s at stake here and the importance of not succumbing to storming and blaming, as much as it feels good to do so.

To illustrate what I mean by “distinctions,” one distinction that was arrived at recently in one of these discussions is that I didn’t have a well-developed reverse gear. I wasn’t thinking soon enough about apologizing for perpetrations that I was guilty of, whether consciously done or not. I wasn’t working on backing out of a situation and reconnecting.

Another distinction was that, rather than create a new project and use, say, 10% of my time on that, I might consider taking that 10% of my time and dedicating it to servicing existing projects by seeing that people have had an adequate listening so that any problems they may be having become known and are heard. Instead of seeing this kind of “HR” work as time away from something, I can usefully see it as a sound investment in project work.

Another distinction was that, whether or not what I’m doing has wide significance or global impact, I might be wise to act “as if” it does.  That distinction lay at the heart of the Sixties injunction to “think globally and act locally.” It boils down to taking what I do seriously and taking myself seriously.

Several times lately, in personal readings, Archangel Michael has raised the fact that either me or another lightworker was doing work “for the collective.” It might be clearing an emotion or working on a project or whatever. But it’s being done “for the collective.” I increase my contribution by an order of magnitude when I come from the place, whether accurate or not, that what I’m doing is “being done for the collective.”

A distinction closely allied to that was seeing that I might be in a situation not for what I can take away from it but for what I can give to it. I used the example in another article of a friend who asked why she was working in such a difficult ward at a hospital. What was she getting from it? And Archangel Michael told  her that she was not there for what she was getting from the situation, but for what she was contributing. She was contributing love to the ward, at all levels. It had not occurred to me to see the situation that way.

Another thing I’m seeing is how valuable listening is proving to be – both listening to others and listening to myself. How many people have I met who’ve said that they know how to manage their vasanas and yet, when push comes to shove, their vasanas get the better of them? (1)

I believe I’m accurate in observing that the factor that has more people leave their lightworker positions than any other seems to be whether people have learned to manage their vasanas or not.

Listening is becoming an imperative skill if I’m to compensate for the fact that our vasanas (or “sleeping volcanoes”) are going off despite thinking that we as team members know how to work with them. I find myself assisting people through their vasanas more and more by listening, by seeing where heated feelings are coming from and then helping them experience those earlier traumatic situations through to completion.

I used to assist people to process their vasanas using a much longer and more leisurely method but there is no longer time for it.

When my vasanas go off, I have to be quicker to stop my forward motion, take time out, and source mine. As we get busier and busier, everything seems to need to be done quicker and the possible damage of leaving things too long grows.

At the same time, a point may arrive when there is no more time to “source” (get to the bottom of) a vasana. Those who haven’t learned yet not to project their vasanas onto others may need to step aside. More than one lightworker project has failed to get off the ground because our vasanas have resulted in conflict that has gotten out of hand and cannot be closed down again.

One strategy that we as lightworkers on teams I’m working with are using more and more is the moderated call. Having a moderated call to get through conflict has a number of advantages.  It provides a safety valve to see that things don’t get out of hand (and they still may).

And it eliminates the rise of two different versions of what was said by providing a witness to the discussion. We also tape these calls to eliminate disagreement about what was said, but we never tape without informed consent.

I sense that the work we’re involved with is just expanding and expanding. We’re being asked to grow rapidly and in all directions. So I see myself using the metaphor of “moulting” a lot.  It’s almost as if we need to moult our skin each week.

Life going forward, I think, is going to be continual expansion. Using the metaphor of many being called, I think it’s only going to be those who are willing to moult time after time after time who are going to be “chosen,” so to speak. And by “chosen” I mean allowed to expand their lightwork on a continuing basis and join up with the galactics as part of still more teams as we head into the really crucial pre-Ascension times.

How many times have I heard from colleagues lately that “I think I’m being called upon to play some large role.” The galactics and celestials want terrestrial partners (OK, starseed terrestrial partners). They need terrestrial partners. And our soul contracts are in many cases to be those partners.

But to be them, we need to moult our skins, shed the 3D ways we’ve had so far of doing things, and walk into the unknown with huge confidence and willingness (I didn’t say arrogance). It’s scary not to know what to do in a situation and still know you have to do something. And harder still not to know what to do and yet to do what we do with grace and aplomb.

But that is the form of wingwalking I think we agreed to do. And so I think we’re all of us going to be finding ourselves needing to discover how to adapt, day in and day out. We’re going to be creating a new distinction an hour perhaps while keeping ourselves grounded, restrained and balanced. Doing so is going to become a skill of the highest order in the few weeks ahead of us as things rise to a climax.


(1) On the subject of vasanas, please see the many papers written and collected here:

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