Konstantinos: An introduction of Love from the Dragon Fanung


[Hello dear friends. Since last week, I had two beautiful and significant for me connections. The first of them will give his message in the next days. The second one was a very loving and humorous creature, which seemed to appear in my 3rd eye with a smile. It was of the Dragon race and he introduced to me as Fanung. I made his depiction and received his following message.]

Many greetings from the Dragon’s Plane of Existence. I am called Fanung. Let me tell you some things about myself  along with a message that I wish to transfer to you. You can see my depiction as it has been transmitted to this channel. I, like the rest of my race, like everything that arises from the Cosmic Intelligence, carry both the Masculine and the Feminine Energy. In my current state, these energies are in balance. I chose to express physically the version of a male Dragon being.

I was arised from one of the tonic gradations of the Blue Ray. A Divine Ray or one of its gradations are transmitted through the birth process, and through the egg, to the new-born which acquires the characteristics of the parents and of course, of the Ray Itself. My height, when I am standing to my two back feet, reaches approximately the 23 feet (7 m) and the length of each of my wings is round to 20 feet (6 m).

I enjoy exploration,  study,  playing and the beautiful high energy of this that is known to you as Humor. I make clear though that my type of Humor does not contain things such as cynicism, sexual suggestive remarks and insults towards another. Humor combined with a good mood always creates a divine mix of healing and children’s excitement. Humor is one of the things that is necessary to you and worlds with characteristics of similar or lower vibration.

Of course, I observe the fact that the current events in your lives, do not allow you or to be exact do not incline you to exercise Humor and heartfelt Laughter and this is appropriate for this temporary nature of yours. But although this, even these situations, which I emphasize that I do not enjoy at all, have their reason which is consisted from myriads of other reasons most of which, are based to the Life Contract and Free Will of each soul.

But these are also parts of the changes that you experience for some time now. Continue to send to these areas of your world, thoughts of Compassion and Love and also, healing visualizations, because these and other similar moves from your side, have a great effect and contribute to a collective amalgam of great magnitude and impact of positive energy. Nothing is unused.You can also add to these methods visualizations of us dragons sending our curative flames, which are manifestations of the Divine Rays, where they are needed in order to contribute to the healing and evolution.

I wish to thank deeply those who transfer for some time now the messages of members of my race, as I also thank these Dragon brothers and sisters that have participated in this process of information transmission. Of course, there are cases that all of us as a collective consciousness have given messages through biological transmitters. Furthermore, some of you have seen us in your dreams (and ideas and inspirations) while some others, I would say that they have an incorrect idea for our being.

So, in my return I repeat. We are not animals. We Love and Honor the creatures of the animal kingdom but this does not mean that we will not make clear our position on this matter. We do not have any relationship with those flying members, known to you as Draconians, of these specific extraterrestrial reptilian races. We are not monsters, but very humble, compassionate, with great intelligence and huge evolution creatures.

We know you since ancient times but we had to protect ourselves when you started to turn against us and hunt us down and so, we decided to interrupt our contact with you. But you can always reach us through methods like the channeled transmission. Do not hesitate, we are also children of the Creator and there is no danger of any harm or /and deception from our side.

We Love and Honor your existence and incarnation to a world full of challenges like the one that you are currently in. Many energetic gates have been opened and continue to do so, and like every time, many beings of my race do their part from their positions in order to take care of the dispersion of the energies.

You do not stand anymore to the edge of a destruction but of a total switchover which heads to the beginning of a new world, ready to reincarnate the beauty of the ancient times…the times when both of our species used to stand next to each other…and this was ‘normal’ [smiles]. These times will come again, while you will be creating more intensely and openly your so much promised future and always, with the Love of the Source and His/Her/Its Helpers.

That is all for now. And remember that when you laugh, then all the Creation brightens and you incarnate and connect directly with the God/Goddess of Everything and the Creator in you. Laughter is one of the best tools and gifts that you can use for yourselves and give to others. It is a catalyst of a great power because it is Love without limits and cure without any cost.

With Love and Respect,


As received by Konstantinos.
PS: If anyone wishes to read the previous messages, here is a link:


  1. Born in and living in Wales, where the Dragon is our National Emblem, I can’t wait to make the acquaintance of Fanung and his relatives !
    What a wonderful prospect !
    And with a focus on Humour !! – I couldn’t ask for more !
    Thank you, Konstantinos, for the connection !
    Thank you, Fanung for the approach !


  2. I have had a few dreams recently about the red dragons. I road on their backs during the dreams and they took me on a beautiful trip in the clouds, and to other realms. They explained to me the same thing that Fanung said. That they lived among us until we started to hunt them down. 😦

    They also explained to me how loving and kind they are, and I could feel it and we hugged and it was sooooo beautiful, both the trip they took me on and the feelings of love that I received from them. I can not wait for the day that we (humans and the dragon kingdom) are reunited! Loved your message KP. It made my dream so much more real for me.


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