Ambush at Ewing Basin – Wild American East (Red Dead Redemption 2) Episode 4

By Wes Annac, The Annac Blog

Welcome back to the Van der Linde Family Mountain Vacation!

This vacation town has it all – snow, decrepit structures, more snow, an overwhelming feeling of despair and dread… and our outlaw friends are making sure they get their money’s worth.

In our last episode, we got to read Arthur’s journal and learn what led up to the Blackwater robbery and the gang’s desperate escape into the mountains. I also stumbled on a significant amount of dialogue I hadn’t heard before.

We then went hunting with Charles Smith and learned his backstory: his mother was taken by soldiers when he was young, and he ran away from his alcoholic father at thirteen, living alone in the wilderness. Needless to say, his skills as a survivalist will prove useful.

The first few missions revolve around the gang getting back on their feet after a disastrous robbery that nearly got them all arrested and/or killed. Now that we’ve found shelter and everyone has had their share of hearty venison; we have another problem. 

Our rivals are in the mountains with us, and the only logical solution is to hit them before they hit us. This means that today, we’ll get our first taste of real combat.

Read the rest here: Ambush at Ewing Basin – Wild American East (Red Dead Redemption 2) Episode 4 | The Annac Blog


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