Nick Santonastasso: Transcending Our Limitations

Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia

Nick Santonastasso was born with Hanhart syndrome, a genetic disorder so rare that it only affected 12 people in the world at the time of his birth, eight of whom have passed away. Doctors only gave him a 30 percent chance to live at the time, and now he’s living to the fullest.

Santonastasso was an enormously-popular Viner (1) who had more than one million followers by the time the app was shut down. His social media presence expanded to Instagram and YouTube, where he’s amassed over 380,000 followers and more than 50,000 subscribers respectively.

His main goal in life is to inspire and entertain. Because of a rare birth defect he was born with no legs, an under-developed right arm, and a left arm which only has one finger.


(1) According to the Urban Dictionary: “One who uploads Vines onto the app, ‘Vine.’ A Viner can be either a famous person on this application or just someone who signed up to scroll through their feed and follow random people.”

Featured image by John Hain from Pixabay


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