Untying the Knots


By Victoria Fann, Wake Up World

When I was first introduced to the Sufi wisdom of seeing our inner spiritual work as a process of untying knots, it immediately resonated. It struck me as a powerful metaphor that brought clarity and insight to the often confusing world of the subconscious. To further illuminate this, I want to take a little side trip here to show how the image of a rope or the act of tying something is used in these common expressions:

  • “wound too tight”
  • “bound up”
  • “unraveling”
  • “my stomach is in knots”
  • “my muscles are full of knots”
  • “tied up”
  • “hog-tied”
  • “at the end of my rope”
  • “fit to be tied”
  • “my hands are tied”
  • “sleep tight”
  • “tie one on”
  • “tie the knot”
  • “tongue-tied”
  • “tie yourself in knots”

Pretty interesting stuff.

Read the rest here: https://wakeup-world.com/2019/09/13/untying-the-knots/


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