The Creator Writings: Own It!

via Jennifer Farley, The Creator Writings

The Universe knows that you have been working very hard and your growth and learning. One of the things you are being asked to perfect is taking responsibility for your own thoughts and actions. 

Yes, there are times when you will be presented with a challenging situation and may respond the old way. But the goal is to put at end to projecting. The act of projection uses ‘you statements’.

You made me feel ____”,

“I did this because you ____”,

“This wouldn’t be happening if you ___”

If you have done it, own it! If you are having overwhelming feelings, feel them. If you feel another has hurt you, take a step back and see what part you have played in the scenario. My dearest child, it is time to start owning what you create. Once you have begun, the easier it will become! ~ Creator


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