Building the Future

We’re not going there again

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

Shocked and Disturbed

After the Second World War, allied troops who entered the concentration camps were deeply shocked and disturbed by what they found.

Gen. Eisenhower obliged the residents of a nearby village to come to a camp and see what went on there, which I won’t list because it would turn your stomach.

Fast forward to 2019 and the truth emerges that large numbers of children are being taken from foster homes, residential schools, and disaster areas, trafficked, raped, and murdered.

How do we listen to and assimilate news like this? How do we here on the blog discuss the truth with you?

The truth is emerging that Satanists exist and in far higher places than we might like to think and in far too many. How are we to think about that? How are we to respond?

Truth and Reconciliation

Once we’ve gotten over our shock and disgust, how are we as a society to get beyond our anger?

The phrase “truth and reconciliation” may suggest how – at least to my mind.

First we as a society need to be willing to hear the truth, from credible witnesses or impartial reporters. We need to understand what we hear and then we need time to respond.

Not all of us. Those who are focused on spiritual practice need not follow a particular line of news, in my opinion. There are others for whom it’s in their contract.

And after we’ve responded, then we need to begin the work of reconciliation.

Reconciliation is not “make-wrong.”  It’s seeing that the perpetrator understands the damage that was done and expresses contrition. When the victim gets the sincerity of this action, reconciliation can begin.

And we know that to be a process as well.

So here we are confronting the truth. It’s appalling – organ harvesting, rape, torture, murder, executions by groups known as the Illuminati, the Satanists, the Deep State. The news can’t get much worse.

Yes, all this is happening in our world. Yes, we trust in the Company of Heaven to guide us on what to do about it.

Credible forces have arisen who are fulfilling the Divine Plan by removing the perpetrators. They have various names but most currently are called the Alliance. They’re a large group of military, intelligence, and civilian personnel who’ve been at work as long as I’ve known about these matters – since 2007.

Lightworker Assignment

The assignment we’ve been given, if we’re not one of those agents of protection, has also been well articulated for more than a decade that I know of. It’s to build a new world rather than fight with the old, a world without these transgressions in them.

You’ll know if you should be with one or the other group. You’ll feel drawn to it.

If you’re in the group building Nova Earth, then what we do will grow while what the perpetrators do will dwindle.

Lightworkers are creating the alternative. We’re restoring things to the way they function when peace reigns everywhere.

We’re simply preparing the space and letting folks make use of it as they will.

This is the only thing I know for a certainty about that space. The spiritual environment we’ll be in once the train reaches its destination will be a kind of love and peace that most people may never have experienced before in their lifetimes.

It “shall wipe away all your tears.” The world in that space will definitely work for everyone. Not a harmful thought would be possible. Well, OK, if you really tried, maybe.

Unlike this space we’re in now, in which conflict reigns, that space will see an outbreak of such love and peace that will seal the fate of everyone on board the train. All aboard quick.

In sum, I don’t plan to convert anyone. I plan to help to build a whole new world instead. Anyone who wants to and can exist in a higher state of being is welcome aboard. We are building the future.


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