7 Simple Ways To Uplift Your Day

By Tova Payne, Collective Evolution

It’s one of those rainy cold days where you wake up and your body feels weak – and you haven’t even gotten yourself out of bed. You think to yourself  “Great, the day hasn’t even started and it’s already a bad one.” All you want to do is pull the covers over you head, but responsibilities and life are waiting for you.

Option 1: Maintain that dragged out feeling.

Option 2: Try the simple practices below to uplift your morning – helping the rest of your day flow with more ease and energy:

1. Make a warm drink and sit with it for 5 minutes.

Whether it’s coffee, tea, or warm water with raw apple cider vinegar (great for a gentle morning detoxification) – give yourself a few minutes to feel the warmth of the cup in your palms and the soothing sensation of the drink flowing through you, giving yourself these few moments to be with yourself before multitasking with a coffee in one hand and your computer in the other. Being fully attentive with a soothing drink is a simple way to start your morning off with a few nurturing moments.

2. Spend 5 minutes in a comfortable seated position with your eyes closed – focusing on your body and your breath.

You can start with a body scan – notice where there’s any tension, tightness, or feelings of fatigue. Then begin to deepen your breath as you focus your breath into the areas that need extra attention and care. Stay aware of your body and notice anytime you start to tense up your shoulders, neck, teeth, jaw, or eyes. Continue to relax the muscles, and breath deeply. Not only will you feel a lot calmer, clearer, and more awake, you may find your body feels more energized since you just breathed deeper for a few minutes, sending more oxygenated blood to all your cells. Your breath is a powerful ally for increasing your energy.

3. It’s time to awaken your physical body.

When you feel tired or fatigued, some gentle movement can help you feel more energized. By staying inactive and heading straight to work your body will continue to feel sluggish. On the other hand, if you consciously spend a few minutes stretching it and moving it – your energy will lift. You can do a few simple stretches such as standing up and reaching your arms overhead and then hinging forward from the hips into a forward bend position, which enlivens and awakens your legs. Then bring yourself all the way up to standing with your arms back up overhead and then returning to standing position. You can do this a few times, even integrate a couple of pushups, stretching side to side, dancing a little – basically get your body moving in a way that feels good. You can even look up a video on YouTube for a short five or ten minute yoga flow or dance routine to get your blood moving and energy soaring.

4. If you have a few more minutes before heading out to work take a walk around the block.

I know it sounds so insignificant, but those few minutes of fresh air really do your body good. Even if it’s raining or snowing out, a short walk around the block with fresh air entering your body is guaranteed to wake you up and enliven your senses.

5. Make sure you have enough time to eat something healthy to energize you.

If you’re feeling sluggish make sure to eat food that’s alive such as raw fruits and nuts and plenty of water to increase your energy. As you can see – even if you’re in a rush, grabbing some fruits and nuts is a simple way to have something healthy and energizing on the go!

6. Take 30 seconds to a minute to give thanks.

Thank your body for all that it does for you – even if you are feeling tired (though by now, if you’ve done steps one through five, I bet you’re feeling better than when you first woke up!) See if you can come up with 5 specific things you’re grateful for today – it could be as simple as thanking your arms, legs, and spinal cord. It could be gratitude for your work, your spouse, or a dear friend. Anything works – practicing gratitude is medicine for the soul. It helps you acknowledge all that you have which fills you from the inside – giving you energy and a sense of fullness.

7. Throughout the day take a few moments…

…to take a deep breath, to pause, to send out more gratitude, or take another 5-minute time-out with a warm drink or a mini-meditation. Little breaks throughout the day will keep you energized and feeling uplifted.

When you feel good physically, you have more energy to give to your work, to others, and your own enjoyment of the day.  Looking for a few more tips and support? Get a free meditation audio and 5 keys to start and finish your projects by clicking here to sign up for your copy.

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