Heavenletters via Gloria Wendroff: A Simple Ring

Heavenletters.org, May 25, 2015
God said:

Up and down go your moods. You are high, and you are low. It is as though you are torn from pillar to post. In one day, your world can turn upside down and every which way and back again.

The resilience required of you is astronomical.

You realize, of course, that it is you who requires of yourself such astronomical resilience. You set the tone of your life. How you have wished it could be otherwise. How you have craved peace, and, then, something befalls, and you are agitated. You seem to prefer to have the tone of your day and life set from outside events rather than from within you.

No matter how hard you have tried to be calm, cool, and collected, trying hasn’t done the trick. How you have tried. Such success does not come from insistence, yet it will come.

One day you will not be so shaken by life’s inconsistency. You won’t be so riddled because you will not see what is happening as appalling to your well-being. You will reach this lovely place effortlessly and not by dint of will.

It is more like you drive up to a park, and there you are. You come to peace, or, perhaps, peace comes to you there. You find that you are no longer ruffled. Gratefully, you are beside the cooling waters. You come to peace because you come to it. You come to it because you are out of the turmoil that used to shake you up. Now you are unshaken. Now you reach that long sought-after equanimity. You’re here.

You dip into the peace. Something changes by its own will. The evenness that you have been seeking simply arises. You see in a different way somehow someway. You could kiss the ground for joy that your appeal for peace has been answered.

You never want to lose it, yet you do not as yet know that you will always have it, yet why not? Oh, to be unrattled. To escape the drama and bewilderment. To receive the blessing of peace and the ability to give the blessing of peace as one and the same.

It’s like when a farmer prays for rain, and the rains come. You are the farmer who longs for rain to save the farm. You wish for it. You pray for it. You beat the drums for rain.

When rains come, how easy it is. It may have taken a long time, yet the bidden rain has come. Rain bursts through. The rain is what you desired, and it rains. You and the land drink up the rain to your delight, yet you can’t say you made it rain. You can’t ascertain that you did. All you know is that blessed rain fell, rain like manna from Heaven, peace like manna from Heaven.

You don’t ask too many questions, nor do you require explanations. How and why are not the issue for you. The day has come is the issue for you.

The day when you notice that you are not ruffled is going to arrive. You are no longer red in the face. Peace has come. You can’t say you deserve it more than you ever did, although you do imagine so, or why wouldn’t your peace have come sooner?

It’s like you crossed a river. You are on the other side of the river now where there are no longer rapids or rapids that undo your peace of mind.

You don’t DO peace. You simply are peace. You arrive at life as a peaceful place. You are just here. Nothing happened, except something happened. You have been blessed, and you thank Me for the blessing.

You can’t really say you arrived, yet a gift arrived. You are not a champion who has broken a record, yet you accept the peace that has welcomed you, whether you were ready or not, deserved or not. Yet, now, peace is yours to wear like a simple ring.

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