Sharon Cheney: Transitioning to the New Paradigm

Photo - Sharon CheneyBy Sharon Cheney, September 2014, | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

We are going through a tremendous transformation as we shift to the new paradigm.

This shift can bring up feelings of uncertainty especially when we do not know what our future will look like. This requires us to move through this transition period with trust which is not always easy to do as most people like the assurance of knowing where they are headed.

Following December 21, 2012, many believed their lives would be different because the Mayan calendar said we were entering a new age. While the Mayan calendar was correct, that did not mean we would experience a major shift in our lives overnight. After all the hype of the world ending, many were relieved to know we were still here.

What has really happened is that this shift has been taking place since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 when higher energy began to enter the planet through different vortexes throughout the world.

By December 21, 2012, we were ready to transition to a higher consciousness of love and connection to all living beings.

We see there is still war going on in many places in the world so it is obvious that not everyone is ready to transition into the fifth dimensional consciousness of love, and is still operating with a belief in separation and an eye for an eye mentality. The truth is consciousness evolves slowly, allowing us time to adapt.

Over the past few years, many people experienced some of the ascension symptoms I wrote about in my June 2013 newsletter. These symptoms occurred because our DNA was transforming from carbon to silicon based (Graham: this is the first I’ve heard of the silicon reference, usually it’s described as a shift from carbon to crystalline) so our bodies could be less dense, free from disease and so we could live longer more fulfilling lives.

The other advantage of silicon based DNA is that our intuitive abilities open and we can access information in the higher dimensions.

While some people may still be experiencing these symptoms, today there is more of a feeling of uncertainty of what the future will bring. It is very unsettling to have the familiarity of relationships, jobs and income streams shifting like sand under our feet.

The more awake we are, the more aware we are of these feelings. Even though the economy is slowly recovering, people who were hurt by the economic collapse in 2008 still feel they cannot trust the government or big business. Uncertainty or changes in our income bring up concerns about how we will support ourselves and our families, as well as how we see ourselves because in western culture our income determines our lifestyle and how people define us.

My sense is that we are reaching a time when our souls rather than our personalities are deciding our future, which is how it should be if we are soul focused and want to fulfill our life purpose. This does not mean our future will be bad, it may be even better than we expect, but we are still dealing with the unknown.

We are moving into a time that no one can really predict with certainty what will happen as this is a whole new way of being and living that we have never experienced before. They say we are moving into an age of new scientific discovery, free energy, sharing of new technologies, peace on this planet and new medical discoveries that will bring better health for all and many more wonderful changes. This is a whole new paradigm.

Becoming still within is one of the best ways to get a glimpse of what our future will be. In the past, we have been taught that we must always be doing things to accomplish our goals instead of letting life unfold on its own. This is a totally new approach to life and goes against our past thinking that doing nothing is being lazy or unproductive. The truth is that only by standing still can we look back to where we have been and see what our past experiences have taught us that have brought us to the present moment.

The advantage to inner stillness is that our bodies relax and let go of all tension. Our mind becomes clear of worries and concerns allowing us to tap into future events and higher knowledge that is different from our ego wants and needs.

In the stillness, a new picture emerges that validates where we are today and where we are headed. This picture takes into account how can we best fulfill our life purpose and be in service to others by using our personal talents and abilities. We come to understand the role we are to play during this transformational period.

As we leave the stillness, we come away with new understanding and an ability to move forward with peace and grace, rather than anxiety and fear. We know in our hearts that all will be okay even if we do not have all the details. We feel that a higher power is steering us to where we need to go.

In the past, we believed that financial security, assurances of love, acknowledgement and good health would bring us happiness. While all of these things may be a part of our future, our soul plan, which is the real reason we are here, may have a different agenda.

What we are being challenged to do right now is to move forward without resistance. Our egos want to be in control because of our lack of trust and our need for security. This time of transition requires great trust on our part, to trust that if we just sit still and allow events to unfold in our lives, we will be okay.

The best thing we can do to achieve the best possible outcome is to live with love in our hearts and pay attention to assure that all our thoughts and intentions are positive as they create our reality.

In order to birth a new way of being, we need to understand who we are as souls and understand that our soul desires are more important than fulfilling the needs and wants of our egos. We need to be aware of what talents or abilities we have that could be put to better or a new use.

It is like we are repurposing or recycling ourselves which is a totally new way of looking at life. We have to get over our fear of moving from the known to the unknown. If the predictions that so many have made have any truth in them, we are moving into a golden age where things will be different but much better:

Our future may bring a move to a new job or career that supports the expression of who we are and we will have an opportunity to fulfill our life purpose or live out our passions. We may have greater financial abundance than what we have now or attract a partner who loves, accepts and admires us for who we are rather than what we can do for them. Leaving our future up to God takes the stress of having to succeed by our own efforts or make things happen. We no longer need to rely on our logical minds to find solutions because we can trust our intuition. We can stop judging people and just accept them as they are.

This does not mean we will sit and do nothing. It means we must listen to our intuition, follow our heart’s desires and trust we will be okay no matter what manifests, as it is all for our highest good. We need to practice loving, allowing, accepting and being.

Even though our lives may be different than we expected; we must trust all our needs will be met. Life becomes less complicated and belongings begin to matter less. We love ourselves more and become less dependent on others for love, acceptance and acknowledgment. The more we evolve, our health improves and we experience a sense of well being.

We live in the moment allowing things to unfold naturally leaving us stress free, feeling peaceful and having more joy in life. We live life at a leisurely pace where we don’t do things we don’t want to. Opportunities and things spontaneously fall into our lap.

We begin to understand how everything is connected and that there are no mistakes. We have more love and compassion for all living things. We enjoy savoring the simple things in life and are grateful for all we have. We allow expression of our creativity and feel in alignment with source.

May your life always be filled with love and abundance.

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