Steve Beckow: Eradicating Gender Prejudices – Part 1/5

Strong Medicine

Written by Steve Beckow, September 10, 2014 –

I’ve just had a remarkable couple of readings with my guides through Andrea Scully. Andrea is co-owner of the GoldenGaia Discussion Group, among the many tasks she takes on and a superlative channel. Her readings are always deep and thought-provoking.

The discussion was around gender equality and I received the surprise of my life to be told that I had a “split” that needed examining and healing before I’d be ready to make a contribution in that area.

It’s confronting to share this but I think you know that it’s my belief that matters like this need to be shared, We need to contemplate where we might be falling down and what needs to be corrected if we’re to do our work productively and successfully. And I suggest this especially to men.

In this reading, unlike most others, I was confronted with my unworkable viewpoints and invited to go deeply within and address them. Since I’m going to be working on gender equality, it’s necessary to weed out any points of view within myself that wouldn’t allow for the success of that work.

The discussion was wide-ranging and comprehensive and centered around my ideas of gender roles, gender partnering, even sexuality.

The sources who spoke more or less challenged me to make this public, as part of the work, so here we go.

The guides began:

“Inside the box of ‘Steve’s story’ and history, … is a split concerning both gender and also the desire for intimacy and his longing to fulfill his completeness with physical intimacy.

“We would ask Steve to consider his beliefs concerning what it means to be in partnership. What it means to be in partnership with men, what it means to be in partnership with women.

“From our view, there is no difference in value or in any other way. Nor is there any specific rules about what sort of relation happens according to gender. This includes every sort of relation, sexual, business, intimate, on all fronts.

“The ability to be intimate is boxed in by these sort of beliefs and will only interfere with the highest potential of what partnership has to offer. This will be so until the inappropriate splitting is released.

“There is a new way forward for all in these times and the challenges are such that the old ideas about relations of all types can and should be shed for creating new ways of being.”

Archangel Michael has spoken quite a bit about this new way forward (1) and how it applies to all our relationships – intimate, business, etc. Much of what he said is echoed in what my guides said here.

Now to return….

“These ways of being are freer in every sense, and there is bound to be some discomfort in them, not only for Steve, but for all humankind until there is some foundation for them in the collective.

“We would ask Steve to consider that he is one of the forerunners to this movement and therefore is going to be challenged to go ahead of the group and provide this foundation.”

Archangel Michael also said this as well. You’ve got to get how strange this sounds to me because I’ve always thought of myself as a hermit monk (past-life bleedthrough?). I hardly think of myself as one who has something to offer in the area of partnerships and relationships.

So to be told that I’ll be doing work in this area is about as challenging to me as anything I can think of.

They then turned to “Steve’s gender ‘prejudices’.”

“This is a strong word, but we use it in the most loving and compassionate way to illustrate how inappropriate and limiting in scope in terms of relations this is for him and for those of the female gender he associates with, especially for those who are attractive to him in physicality.

“There is no judgment in this, for we perceive this to be a matter of programming and as such not in any way due to his inherent being.

“Still, it is an important consideration, and will enhance his mission to create gender equality greatly if he can manage to release the limitations in his personal field that are inconsistent with the greater ideals he cherishes.”

In the next part, they advise me (and us) on how to heal the split.


(1) “Archangel Michael on Nova Being,” at, “Archangel Michael on Twin Flames, Twin Rays, and Soul Mates” at, “Archangel Michael: I See You! I Love You! I Will Engage” Nov. 9, 2013, at, “Archangel Michael: Being, Knowing, and Sharing the Love,” channeled by Linda Dillon, October 24, 2013, at, and “The Desire for Partnership and Union is Quickly Growing – Part 2/2,”

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