Visionkeeper: What is Your Dream?

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Everyone needs a dream to entice them forward through life. Dreams are fed by hope and hope feeds our urge to keep going, to be who we are meant to be. My deepest dream is to be able to inspire just person and help to change their life. That to me would be my greatest gift. So what do you dream for yourself? We all do best in life when aspire to be something and we go after it. It builds us up and strengthens our foundations. I know personally I love to read inspiring things that fire me up and open me up and move me to be better than I already am. I guess that is why I write, in hopes of somehow inspiring one soul and improving their life. I know you have aspirations as well and I can only hope you are going after them with gusto and loving your life as you do so!

Inspiring things should set the wheels of our mind churning and make us think outside that old box I so often talk about. Sometimes we get bogged down in our day-to-day lives and need something to lift us up and move us just a tad further down our path. Finding what we treasure, what is most important to who we are within, is the essence of where we will place our energies. This must not be a temporary treasure that grabs us for a moment, but rather one that always pulls our energy from us in a good way, so that it may know its worth because it becomes who we are and we become it and in doing so we are inspired and desire to inspire others.

Striving to be an inspiration to others is none other than sharing a generous spirit. One feels encouraged to ignite their creative potential and more importantly that potential in others as well. When we feel full, we desire to see others reach this space in which we are floating, where ones heart is truly one of generosity. The process is no longer about self as much as it is about others, the act of reaching out and lifting up. It fills the heart ten fold and yet often times many remain centered on self and what one can gain. To occupy that space is to live a very shallow and often lonely life. The richness of sharing and giving is absent and the heart will struggle on continually attempting to fill that void. Sharing and giving is what cements our foundation, but in the process one must be careful not to dis-empower those they are giving to. It is a fine line we must pay attention to.

Our lives change only when the energy in which we reside changes and change such as that usually comes from inspiration, we feel driven to make a change because we sense it is needed to better the situation we find ourselves in, the energy no longer serves us as we have grown beyond it. Having a dream allows us to see beyond where we are and gives us something to strive for. If we can inspire ourselves or others in the process then even more will come out of it. Build a dream and go after it. Hopefully it is a dream that will improve the lives of those around you and is not a selfish dream that will only serve yourself thereby limiting its power. Dream big, dream for the whole of humanity and open your heart.

Blessings to us all,

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