Ann Kreilkamp: More Perspectives On The Emergency/Emergence Of The Boston Marathon Explosions

Exopermaculture April 16 2013

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Anne writes ~ I wrote my first post on the Boston Marathon Explosions — a series of short comments with links to urls — a few hours afterwards. In a white hot heat, I felt feverishly driven to find and summarize various weird details of this tragic event that echoed others (9/11, Oklahoma City, Sandy Hook, etc.), with the aim of seeing the entire scenario as one more false flag to keep ramping up so-called “homeland security” into a police state.

I was not disappointed in my quest.

What’s so fantastic about what’s happening now is that instantly, we grok that something other than what is being reported is actually going on. Instinctively and automatically, we no longer believe the MSM cover stories.

Here are two more pieces that also view this event with a skeptical eye, pointing out inconsistencies, absurdities and impossibilities, connecting details to other false flag events, and speculating on why this and why now. Both from goldenageofgaia.

Boston: A Potential False Flag?

Two Dead in Questionable Bombings in Boston

If you really want to dig in, go to beforeitsnews, where, as of a few minutes ago, the first two dozen stories in the Alternative section all discuss various aspects of this event.

Aha! I see that one of my favorites, Zen Gardner, has just weighed in there.

The Boston Bombing Is an Inside Job — Evidence!

Okay, okay. “They” did it;”they” succeeded in distracting me/us with this tragedy, as planned. Now what? How do I/we respond in a way that is not paranoid, but regenerative? By meditating (See new Wilcock piece), and by getting, and staying local, local, local. In love with life, the birds and animals, the new sprouting in the GANG garden, the gentle rain, my family, friends, neighbors . . .

That’s it, folks. That’s all there is. We are the revolution — in consciousness, intention, action, and it’s spreading like wirefire, from the bottom up.

See my astrology piece for this hot-headed Aries time, April 9-20th: Whatever the emergency, it can transform into emergence.

We’re all here and now. We all chose to enter 3-D bodies during this climactic time. Let’s open our minds and hearts to all of it, all of it; let us integrate whatever happens into our acknowledgement of what is, and meanwhile focus and enact our own unique, individual destiny while continuing to seed love into the multiverse with every thought, word, and deed.

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