The 2012 Scenario: Connections by Suzi

I can hardly believe that I last wrote a column in early October. This year really has gone by fast and it feels like it’s accelerating. So much has happened since then that I feel like a different person.  The conference alone changed me. I want to say it enhanced my ability to love and be loved, and my heart is full of that energy still.

For all the folks who are having trouble accessing their guides or feeling that anyone is even present around them, I have a suggestion. Let the childlike aspect of who you are come out to play. Imagination is far more powerful a manifesting tool than many humans realize, and, as I’ve mentioned before, this work can be seen as sacred play.

What would one of your guides look like? An angel with wings and a brilliant green robe? An animal ally? An ancestor? An elemental? A dragon?  Conjure it and don’t be afraid to create what feels right to you. By doing so, we establish a connection to our guidance with intention. What do you imagine that guide would say to you? It’s just play. No one gets hurt or embarrassed. Play a little each day and you may just find that the time you take to do this becomes your most loved.

Several readers have written in with similar questions and concerns. They seem to have hope, but still don’t quite know what to expect when waking up on the 22nd of December.

The questions are ~ Will I wake up in my current home? Will I be going to the same job even if I hate it? How will I know if I’ve made it? How will I know if I’ve ascended? One reader said that the only thing that keeps her sane is the hope of a better future just around the corner.

Another reader asks about whether we need to book airplane tickets and reserve conference rooms as we always have. She wants to know if then we’ll work openly with our galactic brothers and have true financial freedom with NESARA.

A third lady expresses her concerns over her elderly Mom. She writes in that her Mother is 91 and in an adult care facility, and that she sees her daughter as her lifeline. Her Mom is aware that something’s happening on the 21st and when she asked what it’s going to be, she also said, “You aren’t going to leave me, are you?” Her Mom gets confused and doesn’t always remember, but the question definitely concerned her.

I don’t think that anyone can really offer details on what our individual experiences of the ascension process will be. My feeling is that it will be different for each of us in accordance with our level of consciousness at the time, what our imaginations conjure up about it and maybe our dimension of origin before incarnating on Earth for the first time. It’s one reason we’re being encouraged to do the work of releasing past wounding now, so we’re positioned to receive as great a frequency bump as we can handle.

I imagine I’ll wake up in my current home but that I’ll be different, and may slowly or rapidly start to grasp that there are things I know and things I can do that I didn’t know or couldn’t do before. It’s occurred to me that in terms of possessions, it may be that lower vibration “things” just won’t be here. All the beautiful crystals and other sacred objects that I’ve collected over the years may still be sharing a space with me, but I could let them go, too.

Maybe I get to be awake for the whole process … kind of like having the privilege of watching a birth. I think anyone who wants to ascend will “make it”, but to what level of what dimension remains to be seen. Of course if we make it to the 5th dimension, working at a job we hate will be completely unnecessary.

The only thing that keeps me sane is my daily practice of stillness and meditation. From that place of peace I have access to all the guidance I need, and I remember that all of this is true. I think that, if we choose to worry about anything regarding ascension, it’s kind of counter-productive to what we’re actually doing. This process is about frequency, and dwelling on the “what if’s” and having a need for detail (out of fear) is a lower-vibration activity. Like does attract like and our manifesting abilities have been ramped up, and will continue to be.  My feeling is that what we choose to create with our thoughts is being closely watched right now.

For my part, I’m looking inside of myself for all the answers I need. My heart tells me that all will be just lovely and that I can relax and be an observer of the process. Honestly I think the plans shift in some way every day … but the thing that never changes is the fact that this planet is going to be hit with a blast wave of cosmic love and light to dwarf all others.

From that point on, everything will be different. There are some who may not perceive much of a difference, and I imagine over time that they will. NESARA can’t be put in place until the dark is completely gone, and since the dark hats are clinging to their dark ways right up to the very end, maybe NESARA will have to wait until after “The Event.”

Really though, I can’t think of a single thing that would lift the collective vibration more than removal of financial worry. With a spike in frequency like that it could only help to bring more folks up to fifth and higher than might be able to go right now.

There’s an intention set for folks to do mass meditation on the 22nd (2 days from now) to finally remove all remaining vestiges of darkness and hopefully we’ll be posting that video. We still could have a wonderful time leading up to 12/12 and 12/21, even though now we have less than a month to go. I’m going to hold that thought. If enough of us are creating what we want with our thoughts instead of worrying about the unknown, I think it could come faster and smoother. It really is up to us.

In terms of being responsible for others in 3D … I have a 16 year old daughter and I can’t tell you how many times it’s come up in my conversations with my guides that I won’t go anywhere unless I know she’s fine. I’m always reassured that she will be well cared for and completely fine, and I never do get a confirmation that we’ll be together as we are now. My heart knows we’ll be together as we wish to be and I can only guess that once we’re ascended, her dependence on me will shift.

No way would this process involve ripping hearts away from loved ones and there’s so much about it that’s beyond 3D thinking and understanding that I just find myself letting go of the need for detail. I trust. The alternative is to worry … and what does that serve but to lower vibration?

So here’s my vision of the ascension process:

In the blink of an eye, when that huge wave of cosmic love and light to dwarf all others comes ~

Those who wish to remain in 3D will be removed from the earth plane.

Those who’ve been successful at raising their frequency to that of love will jump right up to fifth and higher, probably by increments in order to adjust.

The remainder of humanity (possibly the majority) will ascend to whatever level of 4D their consciousness allows for.

Those in 5D can choose to remain in both dimensions along with the Earth in order to assist those who weren’t quite ready.

We have choice. Whatever our choices are, our loved ones will be well cared for. No one will be abandoned and alone.

My feeling for myself is that my contract is up at ascension, and when the Earth leaves 3D forever I will then be free to either explore other options or hang around here to help out. I’m leaning towards hanging out at least for a little while.

Love and Light…




  1. Yes, Thanks, indeed, Suzanne ! – Hugely helpful in assisting us to relax into the feelings of Love and excitement [! Why Not ? ! :-)] of what is coming !


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