The Divine has a Plan for You

On Thursday, October sixth SanJAsKa told me, ‘The Divine has a plan for you dear soul, a plan that is just in it’s beginning stages.” She was referring to the fact that I mentioned her words not getting out for a minute, because I was facing a possible shutting off of our electricity. I did not realize when I first heard these words the true significance of them and how they would relate to the next day.

We found out last Tuesday or Wednesday that our power may be getting shut off. We work up quite a power bill every month as there are may people Living in our house. I made sure my blog would be attended to while I was possibly away, and released all resistence to the Divine to make happen whatever was supposed to happen for my advancement. I began thinking the loss of power was meant to happen for my advancement, as I can be quite a slave to technoloy at times. I turned down help from the Hope Chest, as I was trying not to resist something I felt may have needed to happen. Little did I know, by not accepting help I was actually resisting what the Divine had in store for me, which was for me to keep our electricity. I learned this lesson admittedly the hard way, with the events that transpired on Friday.

My girlfriend and I noticed on Thursday that our child seemed to not be feeling so well, and we just assumed he was feeling under the weather. By Friday night he seemed to be getting much worse, and when we took his temperature we noticed it was at about 102. We called our child’s doctor and the recommendation was made to take him to the hospital. So we did, and mind you this was at about eight or nine thursday night. By about eleven we finally got to see the doctor.

I turns out, my child has an ear infection and ‘strep rash’ on his chest. My girlfriend and I didn’t notice until thursday that our child wasn’t feeling good, and thursday must have been when his illness was in it’s beginning stages. Sound familiar? I thought so. We were given a prescription for an anti-biotic as well as some pain reliever, and there is a law that states one’s power cannot be shut off if there is a child in the house that power is needed for, for whatever reason. In this case, it is because we need to keep his medicine refrigerated. This whole experience has taught me that the Divine truly never leaves us hanging, and when an ascended being tells you the Divine has a plan for you, I would suggest you listen and pay attention. I was told by SanJAsKa that the Divine had a plan for me, and I merely shook it off as wishful thinking on my part. But I have been shown. This whole experience has been such an eye-opener for me, and I hope my account of my experiences will serve as a bit of an eye-opener for you as well. 🙂



  1. …rawanderer, i too, have a Gift Plan in the Makin’ for Ya!…i am awaitin $40 to arrive in my Paypal acount(due in on Oct 11)…this is for You & Ur Loved Ones…did U Open Up a Bank Acount,yet?…U had mentioned that U were…that Way the Money can be taken Out and Ur Purchasing/Paying Power is EnHanced…I am Sharing this on Ur Public Blog, as I Believe/Feel that Money should be Openly Talked about and Freely Circulated…Money has Energy…I show Respect with Dimensional Ways to It…The Light We Give to Our Current Currency Blazes the Shadow of Shackles from It…EveryThing is Fittin’ into Place…Yes!!!


  2. The Divine plan for us can definitely have some strange paths, that sometimes make us question what we are hearing, seeing or feeling things correctly.
    It keeps a person on their spiritual toes I guess.


  3. Thank you babajij! It is very much appreciated, yet no I have not yet gotten a bank account. I am just dreading the long walk!! Lol 🙂

    I know what you mean Aron, this whole venture can prove quite difficult and confusing at times. It is great to hear from you!! 🙂


  4. Haha.. It’s even kinda funny how the Divine works. Its amazing to realize that this interconnectedness makes all difference in one’s life when one realize this.


  5. Wes…please know that if you need some information that a Grandmother/Nurse/Herbalist/Aromatherapist might have…..I am right here ❤

    Care Package in the mail tomorrow….special treats for the wee One too. I surround you and your dear family with radiant Love.


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