A Guide to Glide Through the Great Awakening – Spread Hope Not Fear


By Lisa Linder, Wake Up World

What’s happening right now is the greatest awakening we’ve ever seen. Whether you are a light worker or just waking up to the whole consciousness thing, there is something for everyone to learn.

The world is shifting and changing. There’s no doubt about that. The old ways of being, that are no longer sustainable, will be unrecognizable on the other side of this. We are coming together in ways, mentally and spiritually, unlike any other period of time.

It’s an emotional time, one that needs to be honored with kindness and compassion. People are grieving. They are grieving their loved ones and what was. Let yourself be where you are. Allow yourself to be in it. Feel what you feel and let your emotions move through you. It’s the way to the other side.

Most of you are being granted the time to slow down and look at how you want your life to be. How you are spending this time? Are you watching the news, sitting in the fear or are you doing those things you always wanted to do that make you feel alive?

Part of the process of becoming conscious or more conscious, is being keenly aware of what your thoughts are and connecting within to find your answers. We have 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day.  Are your thoughts positive or are you feeling anxious and in survival mode?  If you are stuck in the fear, you’re most likely walking around feeling out of control. If there seems to be no way out, then surrender may be a good option. Don’t sit in the worry.  It will just create more circumstances to worry about. You can choose to move through this process in an empowered way and if you don’t, you’ll feel like a victim to your circumstances. Not always easy, I know, but imperative for your mental health and for manifesting what you want. You have the ability in any moment, regardless of what is happening, to choose a different thought. It is possible with practice.  Find a space where you can get quiet and start listening to what’s happening in your head.

Read the rest here: https://wakeup-world.com/2020/04/29/a-guide-to-glide-through-the-great-awakening-spread-hope-not-fear/


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