Golden Age of Gaia: An Appeal to Help Us Through May

Note from Wes: Golden Age of Gaia needs our help! They are asking for assistance getting through the month of May. This is a hard time for all of us, but if you can help, the team over there would greatly appreciate it!

via Golden Age of Gaia

It’s a beautiful thing that’s happened within the Human Collective with the advent of this pandemic situation. Granted, there are many dreadful parts to it as well, but the dreadful parts have been in place for a very long time.

The blessings are many, and brand new.

For a variety of reasons having primarily to do with the fact that we’re far more able to communicate on a global scale, we’ve arrived at a place of cohesion. Of course, the amount of Light flooding the place also plays a major role.

We get that it isn’t just about us individually. We want to do what we can to keep ourselves, our families and our world free from such intentional nastiness. In order to do so, we need information that isn’t coming from the MSM.

That’s where we come in, this Team and our readers, together with our friends in the rafters. We need your help and partnership to keep this blog going in providing Light intel to both inform and uplift.

We’re grateful to our loyal monthly subscribers for providing the beautiful foundation from which we’re able to create this blog, and we look to our one-time donors to complete the picture. Please consider making a one-time or recurring donation to the Hope Chest.

There are four ways to donate to help the Golden Age of Gaia ~

1. Both one-time and regular monthly subscriptions through a PayPal account
2. One-time donations using a non-PayPal-affiliated debit/credit card
3. Regular monthly subscriptions using a non-PayPal-affiliated debit/credit card
4. Donations by check or money order made out to Hope Chest and sent to Hope Chest, P. O. Box 2744, San Pedro, Ca 90731

Here‘s how to donate:
Please click, where you’ll have choice as to how often you wish to donate and for what amount. You also will be able to choose to use either PayPal or a non PayPal-affiliated credit/debit card.

If you have a question, please contact Karen at the Hope Chest:


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