Heightened Life Podcast – The Power of Love-Centered Living, and Music: with Wes Annac

I had a blast chatting with my friend Amanda Goins on her podcast, Heightened Life. We had a fun conversation that included our thoughts on simplicity, love, and of course, music. Check it out at the link below. If you enjoy it, share far and wide!


“My guest, Wes Annac, and myself, discuss ways that stripping away spiritual complications, and labels, and living a love-centered life has been freeing for us. As well as the impact that music has had in this journey of spiritual and personal evolution.”

While you’re here: I also had a chat this week with Harmony Lorraine Fronterhouse on her YouTube show, Tea Time With Harmony. If you like that video, subscribe to her channel (WildcraftWellness) and check out the other awesome interviews she’s done over there.



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