The Soul And Its Unfoldment

By Amnelia,

Dear ones,

In The Bhagavad Gita, much is said about the soul and its unfoldment, we are taught to “perform action without attachment”, and thereby lay the foundation for a series of abdications throughout our lives – progressively free of pain and a sense of loss – as we attain the power (always latent within) to detach ourselves from achieved possessions.

The soul must renounce the personality.

For long periods, the soul has identified itself with the lower personal self. Knowledge and experience have been gained as a result. Achievements brought about through remarkable struggle and strife, pain and pleasure, disaster and satisfied desire – and all that the wheel of life has brought into the dominion of the soul through the personality has to eventually be dropped out. Life in discipleship then becomes a series of detaching processes, until one has learned the lesson of renunciation.

With the right mind, one realizes that there has been much gain and not loss, and that only that which was illusory, ephemeral and untrue has disappeared. We aim at becoming sober and sober while simultaneously settling the ground for a successful return to the Center.

This is a critical foundation for spiritual growth, and if properly bore in mind as a key to continued growth and evolution, shall hold great potential for major breakthroughs in any one’s life – at any point – as an ongoing ceaseless process. This is evolution.

Shall we be blessed with the openness of heart and mind to contemplate such fact. Shall we sweep away any misconceived ideas that might lure us into stagnation. All of us should commit to self-investigative work periodically – no matter what stage of development we are in.

Please take only what is useful for you.

Awakened may we all be,


The word is shared in good and transpersonal will.

Image: Pixabay

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