How Being Rigid and Stuck in the Past Hinders Our Evolution

By Paul Lenda, Wake Up World

Have you ever noticed how the stiffest trees are the ones that crack the easiest, whereas bamboo and willow survive by bending with the wind? The same principle applies to humans. When we are rigid and stuck in the past, we are more likely to “crack” under pressure from the winds of change.

The only constant in existence is change. If we resist that change, we will become angry, afraid, and a whole slew of self-destructive emotions. Being rigid in a world that shows that everything is flexible and changing is a recipe for disaster. We cannot stop change, but we can adapt to it. We will have an easier time living life when we accept that change happens and that we can make the most of where we are right now.

There are two primary mindsets people have: being afraid of change and being courageous in spite of change. Fear tethers us to what we feel comfortable in. Courage opens us up to opportunities that may lie in the future-present, regardless of what changes occur. Even every crisis or problem can become an opportunity for our personal and collection evolution.

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