An Opportunity Not to be Missed

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

I think the Coronavirus outbreak, along with the tragedies it brings, also presents us with a wonderful opportunity, not to be missed.

It’s the opportunity to come together as a world community and take measures for the next determined time (two weeks?) to stop the pandemic in its tracks.

I call for an international health directive that the whole world can choose to follow and then I call upon the world to follow it.

You’ll immediately run to check my credentials. What cabal am I serving?

And of course you’ll find I am not. On my own authority, and not at anyone else’s direction, I’m proposing that the people of the world cooperate and coordinate with each other at an unprecedented level to bring an end to this pandemic.

I propose it for the immediate benefit it can do as well as for the long-term benefit, as an example of global cooperation.

We can look at the pandemic from a service-to-self perspective, in which case we’d be worried about our own health and safety. And that’s as far as our concern would go.

Or we can look at it from a service-to-others perspective, in which case we’d be concerned about the health and safety of others and, I’m suggesting, the community as a whole – that is, the world. That includes us of course but it doesn’t stop there.

I’m advocating that the world as a whole voluntarily observe a protocol determined by world-health officials together, for the next, say, two weeks (or whenever the two weeks starts) with the aim of defeating the virus through individual cooperation and community effort. All of us, who can, go into voluntary quarantine.

If kids have to stay home from school, they do so not just to protect themselves but so that they don’t become carriers (service to others) – that is, to defeat the virus. If we observe social distance, or wear a mask, or do whatever else we’re asked to do, we do so not just for the good it does us, but also to defeat the virus.

Just bite the bullet, rest and relax for two weeks, and end the pandemic (if I’m correct).  Why don’t we just do it? By Day Three we’d have found ways to make it be fun. Online.

People could organize in their buildings and neighborhoods to see that the compromised, disabled, and elderly folks get what they need.  Grocery stores, pharmacies, and restaurants could deliver.

Governments could immediately stop spending on militaries and undertake to provide their populace with a universal basic income so that the impact on the economies would be eliminated.

We’d have to not see this global cooperation as something we “have to do,” something that’s been thrust on us, but as something we’ve taken upon ourselves. It’s a challenge and an opportunity to come together as a world to accomplish an end of universal value.

This could be the first time in history that the world cooperates in this way. I think this is an opportunity for world unity that’s not to be missed.

It isn’t World War Three we’re headed for. It’s World Peace One. We just haven’t accepted the idea yet.

Yes, I’m aware of everything that intel has to say about the virus as a cover for the takedown of the cabal. If it be so, well and good.

For our part, we lightworkers are filling the vacuum thus created by taking spiritual “ownership” (1) of our world in service to Gaia and the Mother.

This is our invitation to take back our planet and rebuild it into a world that works for everyone. (2)


(1) I’m referring to a spiritual and emotional “ownership,” rather than holding physical title, etc.

(2) The phrase originates with Werner Erhard, founder of the est Training.


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