Your Ability to Create – Veronica


A New Message From VERONICA


“When the sun rises as your day begins, be sure to recall your relationship, not only with your soul, but with all that is.

Often this is lost amongst the dramas and misgivings that one anticipates in the commencement of daily life.

Tucked beneath all the need, desire, and conflict, there is a glimmer of energy that only you possess.

It’s not there for any other reason than to embrace your energy as you proceed down the path of creation.

Be sure to pause in appreciation of your ability to blend with your soul.

Realize its potential by bringing it forward even in the most dire of circumstances.

The lack of embracement may allow difficulty to pile up.

So be patient in the discovery of your ability to create a beautiful day.

Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder.

One should also know that it also resides in your mind and heart.

Allow it to blossom.

Appreciate the beauty of the smallest detail.

Bring it forward step by step, hand-in-hand with your soul and the universe.

It can be done.”



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