Bill Ballard – News And Change Of Plan For The 11Th Gate Opening. Please Read – 21 November 2012

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Bill Ballard asked me due to his video account being hacked to get this message out from solara’s cermonies and mudras.


Just received news about the 11.11 gate opening, which was sceduled for tomorrow!!!! Change of plans…. it starts NOW…. please link in if possible every hour at 11.11 and perform the mudras… for groups perform the lotus dance and star procession. The last mudra has also been changed… it DOES NOT end with the hands down towards earth but hands are raised above the head to form the diamond (with the tips of the fingers), which then rests on the head. I do not know the reason for the changes but Solara will surely have a VERY good reason for doing so!!!!!! Thank you to all for linking in and participate…. I will put a link with the demonstration of the mudras in the comments. ~ Grace Elohim

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  1. Hello all!

    My heart is about to beat out of my chest! I’ve never seen this dance before but I have been doing something very similar almost every time I meditate and do my yoga. Something very close to this video would come out of me. I have danced for years and thought it was just something normal…

    I’m just so amazed right now that I learned this dance from my higher self. I don’t even really know what to say right…

    This is amazing! Love and light!



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