The Action of Love: Love Your Self Out of Conflict

Dear Ones, Dear Beings of Earth, Dear Children of Light, Dear Precious Holy Ones

You must know that in your heart is the key to peace, to holy resolution to all that is outside of you. Do not get caught up in news, media, gossip or fear in general. All those activities do not serve, and they are only based in lower energies of opinion, not fact. They are based in fear, not love and are not the truth of thy Creator.

What is playing out in the Holy lands is the completion of Holy in differences found before your awareness of even what is written in your Bible and sacred texts. These lands are tainted with old horrors of days gone by and now as Christed consciousness, the very essence of each of your cells, of all life, now flows at ever increasing intensities on to and into your planet your atmosphere, those old energies, thoughts, feelings and patterns are coming up for healing, for review, for cleansing. There is a healing to occur of these old conflicts and energies of opposition. It represents the very essence of 3rd dimension, of polarity, of perceived separation.

There are ones on your planet that attempt to fuel these disagreements if they are not intense enough by themselves, they are being used to manipulate you and keep you in fear …for fear is your human weakness. Fear disables the mechanisms that lead you to love, peace and harmony. Fear takes away your “insight” and leaves you with only the illusion of limits, hate and separation. Love is of God. Love is.

The times you are in, these days, the time of prophecy, of a shift in consciousness, a change of heart, the Era of Peace, is NOW. These are the end times and end days….of this type of energy, belief, thinking and actualization of separations. NOT the end of your planet.

Your key to ending this “war” is for YOU to go within your own consciousness, your own heart…and find the love that is awaiting you. This is the flame that to fuel. This is the space to feel love for your Self and feel it for every person, every human, for every living thing. All is One. You are ONE FAMILY. You are ONE SPECIE, YOU ARE ONE ENERGY. It is only the untruth, the false belief that you are separate.

What you believe, the thoughts you carry, are energy. They affect things. You pray with that knowingness, your call upon us millions of times every second, we of the Angelic Realm, We, the doers of the requests of God, we the Keepers of the Kingdom and we HEAR YOU! You ask for help, for peace, for healing…and Dear Ones, you have been bestowed with the key and it is WITHIN YOU. This is nothing new, yet your world, your busy-ness, your outside fears and opinions from others keep you from going within to find your OWN POWER that is there.

You want peace. You ask for peace. You call out for Love. HEAR THESE WORDS. Speak not of hate, of separation, of who is right or wrong…those are separators themselves and your actions create the environment, the karma, the experience you each experience in this Planet of Lesson. When you act upon these words, to go within, to simply LOVE, feel love, feel love, feel pure love, no condition upon it, feel it and fill yourself up with it and then send it to EVERY ONE! Send it to Mother Earth. BLAZE the selfless act of sending love to all people with purity. Give All that Gift of Love.

Find your peaceful place within. You are learning, remembering that you are powerful. You create with thoughts. You are listening to those in your highlighted positions of media, of TV, of movies who are experiencing what we, your Family of Love and Light, have been sharing with you……. Many are coming forward to say in many ways, from many walks of life, from all areas to say and share the Truth that has always been and will always remain…God’s Laws is God’s Law. Love Heals. Love is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

We ask that you take these days of NOW, in this moment, every moment, and in this week for many, a time of reflection of Thankfulness, to GO WITHIN your heart and love yourself. See your heart opening; see your heart emanating a lovely pink glow of loving radiance…. Share this love with others. Sit in quiet time and just engulf yourself with this Ray of Pink Divine Love and vision it around every person…and see every human in this space of love, of pink Divine Love…send it to every part of Earth, in earth, in the ground, to the center of your Earth, send it to your clouds, your sky, to every plant, tree, water and space.

The power of love will nullify the energies and old, old, thoughts of hate, of disbelief, of separation from your One Creator…who is based in love. God is a loving God and is showering your Earth now with much loving energies…but Dear Ones, you are of free will and MUST CHOOSE it. Don’t get lost in the lower vibrations; don’t get lost in the “crowd” ….stand up for Love for you, for your children, for your family, for your friends, for your neighbors, for your Human Family, for your entire Earth. You have the power to heal this from your own homes, your own chairs, and offices where you sit. Together, in the action of love, in the action of joining together with the collective belief and power of love, you can heal the discord, you can heal the hatred. See resolution. SEE PEACE. BE Peace.

We are asking you, dear human family, to help yourself. You are of free will and experience that which has lingered from long ago. Now you have more knowingness, more awareness, more understanding that you are creators of your life. And with thought, consistent and pure intent, you CAN LOVE yourself into a Peaceful Era.

Forgive. Forgive. Forgive. Forgive all. It is the strongest and bravest among you that can forgive without question, without need to push the ego into a position of right or wrong. Anyone can argue, fight, hate. Those are low emotions and take no effort to push forward. It is the wise and strong who seek out love and release the push of the ego to cause disruption and stand in mastery, stand in strong self-discipline of choosing love and peace and holding that position no matter what is outside of you.

We of the Heavens, We of your Family of Light, We are here. We are not in dusty books on shelves. We live and support you on this journey of Human lesson. Yet, we come to tell you and have in many forms, channels, messengers, songs, thoughts, books, inside revelations that you are coming to higher levels of consciousness, expanded places within you to know us…to hear us too! No one is excluded from connecting back to God or your Heavenly Family. Yet, we cannot come “down” and fix you. You are in lesson and must freely choose to love one another. Can you do it?? We are watching it happen all over your planet. It is happening….yet you do not readily hear that in your media…as that does not “sell” well….. Know you are being manipulated and can remove yourself from that by going within and hear what your heart has to say. We love you without question. We know who you are in all expressions. The time is nearing a change on this planet and it is because of you that you will move into an Era of Peace.

Send love to those places on your planet, in your community, that are in strife, in darkness, in war, in lack. You are in charge and can soften this experience. The more love you put into it and into the hearts that are at odds, the more you can expect a miracle to occur. A miracle of those in war to stop, to see the uselessness of such an act against one another, to stop, and say, I forgive. I love. I forgive all. I love all. Release. Move into love.

Love is God’s Law. Anything outside of that keeps you from knowing this. The key, go within. Go into your heart, connect to the love that is of God and send to all people and Earth.

Research and use the tool The Violet Flame regularly. We share the Violet Flame as your tool to end your karma. Blaze it through you and mankind at every opportunity. (info on violet flame here)

You can move out of hate and fear consciousness reality by choosing to leave those acts and thoughts, by choosing love in every moment. What you do for you, you do for all. What you do for One, you do for all. What you do to another, you do to you. The Laws of God are clear and remain unchanged. Love one another and you love you.

Violet Flame, love, choosing love, forgiveness, peace. Cultivate these from within and act upon these and you will know and experience for your Self the Shift, the end of times and move into the Era of Peace, the Golden Age. You are in the last throws of the dualistic illusions of right, wrong, good, bad, love, hate. Love will raise you up to the level of Gods. That which you were, that which you will be again. You asked for this experience….even if these words do not make sense to you now, hold judgment Dear ones, for you are living in a 3rd dimensional world (mansion) and Gods kingdom has many mansions……..the next one for humanity is peace, love and harmony. It is you who will create it by your actions and thoughts.

Stop everything that is not of God’s love. This is a God for ALL PEOPLE. He/She may appear in many forms and words and reflections, but truly, there is Only One God and that God is Love. You each, are Children of God. Act like it. Be love. Be Loving. Heal yourselves. Heal your conflicts. Heal your wars. Heal your arguments. They are useless and do not serve anyone or anything anymore. Love serves ALL.

Dear Ones, we share these truths with you upon this day. We serve you God’s laws, love and words.

We meet you in your heart. Find us, the Angels, your Guardians, God’s loving Family, your family of Light…we love you and hold you in God’s Light until you know it for your Self.

With grand love,

The Heavenly Kingdom of God, The Angelic Realm, The Archangels, Your loving Guardian Angels and many Angels and loving beings of Light. “The One”



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