(Repost) Ashtar Command Community Los Angeles Meet-up, Nov. 24-25, 26-27

Ben-Arion invites you to Come and Enjoy Thanksgiving 2012 with your Cosmic Family! A 4 Day Event That Will Transform Your Life!

Read more: http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/page/los-angeles-meetup-2012#ixzz2BCIuHucD

The Cosmic Reunion Conference will take place on November 24th-25th, and on the 26-27th of November we will have a Wonderful Community Hangout in Los Angeles. (More info in the Event Schedule Below)

About The Cosmic Reunion Conference

Arranged By Portal To Ascension The Cosmic Reunion 2012 Conference has come forth to raise the individual and collective vibration of our planet through the unification of some of the most inspiring figures in the fields of extraterrestrial awareness, cosmic consciousness, and unconditional love.

As we awaken to the remembrance that we are an integral part of creation, we allow ourselves to reconnect with our star family and our multi-dimensional selves. Through wisdom and understanding of creation, we can better understand ourselves and our true divine nature.

The purpose of this event is NOT to give our power away or to imply that the Star Beings are here to save us. Instead, they are here to remind us that we are the ones that have the power to uplift ourselves. Now is the time to remember that we are gods and goddess’ in human form and that our potential is infinite.

Expanding out into the cosmos is inevitable for the human race and this event is a step forward in re-establishing the connection that we have always had and are now remembering.  The star beings have much that will benefit our species, but first we must become responsible spiritual adults and learn to live in harmony with each other.


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