Jesus: You are Progressing Like a Wind-Driven Forest Fire

Jesus: You are Progressing Like a Wind-Driven Forest Fire

As channelled by John Smallman- November 4, 2012

The strength and intensity of the divine field of Love enveloping you continues to increase as more of you set your intent to accept its embrace, meld with it, and share its benefits as widely as you can.

One of the most effective ways for you to do this is to focus on remembering that another’s attacking or defensive behaviors and attitudes are in fact calls for love and acceptance, calls to which they themselves are most unlikely to be able to respond.

Therefore, respond lovingly and compassionately — albeit silently if necessary — to that call for help. And then offer love to yourselves in honor of the love that you have just shared.

Your various cultures worldwide have all encouraged the dishonoring of children who do not, will not, or cannot conform to the cultural norms that are being imposed upon them.

Cultural norms are very useful as a means of offering behavioral guidance so that people can interact satisfactorily and harmoniously, but too often they become rigid and inflexible rules. These crush the creative spirit that would assist your spiritual evolution by withholding love, affection, and approval from the little ones until they conform.

The result is that children grow up feeling unworthy and unacceptable, and then, as adults, they are for the rest of their human lives constantly expecting to be negatively judged.

That anxious expectation drains their energy and their natural spontaneity and joy. Life should be joyful, and to prevent or restrict it by imposing inflexible rules and standards is very damaging, and causes children to grow up seeking outside approval for their very existence. The joy of life, of existence is a God-given gift to which every sentient being is divinely entitled.

Within the illusion great efforts have been expended over the eons to crush that spontaneous sense of joy by offering only occasional grudging approval to children when their behavior is sufficiently servile, and at other times judging and punishing them for their God-given spontaneity. Much of the suffering that humanity has experienced can be traced back to this strange custom.

Over the last six or seven decades an awareness has been growing that there are far better ways to assist children in their journey from infancy to adulthood, and the results are now showing in the younger generations of adults all across the world. New ideas are pouring forth, leading to far more enlightened ways of addressing and dealing with the issues facing children as they make that journey.

Children who are accepted rather than judged grow into compassionate adults, and a new generation is now making its presence felt and demonstrating love and compassion in action. This generation is far more easily able to open its heart to the divine energies surrounding you, it responds appropriately to them by melding with them, and then sharing the joy, the hope, the wisdom, and the enthusiasm with which they are inspired.

The older members of the human family have been busy preparing for this time in your spiritual evolution so that this new, younger generation can put into effect the harmonious and cooperative ideas and plans that will bring lasting peace to you all. It has been a very tough journey for many of you, but the rewards for your efforts are now being seen worldwide as help is offered and is forthcoming where it is needed to assist the down-trodden and the impoverished to establish a meaningful and fulfilling existence where before it seemed that there was no hope for them at all.

This new wave of concern and compassion for humanity, all life, and the planet herself is creating a very inspiring and powerful stream of energy that is enabling the vast changes that are essential in the way you relate to one another and to your environment to be put into action.

A new age is being born into an environment that will support it, as the old energies of fear and conflict are being dispelled by the loving energies that you are all creating anew as you align yourselves with the Will of your Father.

You all know this, but when you get drawn into the conflicts that can arise around you during your daily lives it is very easy to forget and even seriously doubt your knowledge. You may then allow yourselves to see problems and issues as insoluble or as something that you, personally, cannot influence, and you sink into doubt and anxiety. Do not let this happen to you.

You have an abundance of help available from the spiritual realms, so avail of it by asking for it and expecting to receive it. Your personal quiet times for prayer and meditation are essential tools to enable you to engage with what is constantly on offer.

You are changing the world, one soul at a time. That may not sound like much, but because so many of you are doing it you are progressing like a wind-driven forest fire, and nothing can prevent the Love that that fire is bearing from engulfing all of humanity.

Your loving brother, Jesus



  1. Beautiful as always Wes..thank you for all your posts and glad the conference went so well and you are rested and going again! We love you…


  2. What a wonderful message that just substantiated what I have thought and believed, but needed confirmation. Oh, so glad to get this message to explain why others have been so negative, rude and disagreeable. Sending love is such a joy. Wonderful work you are doing, Wes. Love all your efforts.


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