The Stress of Change, the Release of Ascension

Written by Steve Beckow

The predominant characteristic of the period we’re heading into is change and many people don’t like change. We like to acquire and expand and anchor ourselves in our reality so as to cushion ourselves against change. But that may not be possible in the run-up to Ascension, we’re told. However this period of change will yield to a period of divine knowledge and ecstatic bliss, in just a short time from now.

The Arcturian Group told us last year that “it is a powerful time right now on Earth.  Much is changing and much is going to change.  The energies of the past are quickly fading and will soon disappear for many.”

“Be not afraid of change, dear ones, for at this point change is simply a term for newer and higher.  There is nothing to fear.  There will be still some events of change as Gaia moves old energy in her own process of ascension.  Be not afraid and try very hard not to resort to old thinking.” (1)

It may be difficult not to fear change, they advise us, “because your media simply pushes the fears of an old belief system on you with every newscast.” They warn us against watching the news or, if we must, using the utmost of discrimination with it: “Stay informed but do not glue yourselves to your televisions for what you get is always of the old energy – old solutions and old ways of believing.” (2)

SaLuSa calls it “a strange situation that you find yourselves in, as you still prepare for your normal day–to-day living yet know that in the not too distant future your lives will change quite considerably.” (3) Last year he told us we were heading into a period of tremendous change in which the last vestiges of the Illuminati would disappear: “It has never been plain sailing where duality is concerned, but soon you will be in a position to realise that the end is clearly in sight. All of the major changes needed will forge ahead, and the last vestiges of the Illuminati’s control will disappear.” (4)

He calls “the energy for change … unstoppable,” and assures us that “we will ensure that it flows uninterrupted by those who oppose it.” (5) He also called it a time for celebration and, in my view as you know, that’s exactly what we did at the two Sedona conferences: “Once again we will reiterate that all is well, because your victory is assured. It is a time for celebration because it will be the first time your civilisation has won through the challenges presented to it, and brought the Light to Earth.” (6)

The Arcturian Group sees us being moved by the higher intensities of light into a more profound life style.

“We see so many moving into a deeper sense of life and living.  More and more light is pouring forth from your beloved Earth. She is supporting you in all you do, for she also is moving quickly into a deeper resonance of Light and truth.” (7)

In the face of all this change, what is important, SaLuSa reminds us, is to remain focused on Ascension: “All that matters now are your immediate efforts to hold your focus upon Ascension, as it is going to change you beyond your expectations.” (8)

Saul has always kept his attention on the transition to what he calls “full consciousness” and describes what will transpire when that occurs.

“The end of the illusion, and the suffering it engenders, is approaching.  Your happiness and exhilaration in the joy of being alive when you finally awaken from this deranged and stifling nightmare will overwhelm you.” (9)

“Humanity is preparing to rise into the state of full consciousness, where it truly is at all times even though it remains unaware of this, and as it does so the sense of expectant anticipation that so many of you are experiencing is intensifying.  Very few of you are without some sense that great changes are in the air, but what they might entail mostly eludes you.

“It is indeed a wonderful time to be on Earth, and that is why you chose to be here now.  It is a time when misery, fear, anxiety, and doubt will be replaced with joyful confidence that God exists eternally, and you with Him, in the glory of His magnificent creation where ecstatic bliss is the ever-present ongoing experience.” (10)

According to him, we’ve been preparing for these changes below conscious awareness: “You have been doing lots of preparatory work below the level of your conscious human awareness, and a very large number of you are now ready to embrace enthusiastically these, in your terms, amazing changes.” (11)

Some of us experience change as stress but Saul counsels us that when we leave the illusion of duality we’ll leave that stress behind.

“Some of you are experiencing a lot of stress as you head for the exit from the illusion, and this is really not at all surprising when you consider the amount of time you have spent within it, accepting its totally unreal ‘reality’ as normal.  In the illusion, change frequently causes people stress — sometimes extreme stress — so it is to be expected that the decision to head for the exit would produce stress.” (12)

However, in a message today (Nov. 4, 2012), Saul said:

“The way ahead is clear and unobstructed as you approach the end of your journey back to Reality.

“However, minor obstructions may occur momentarily which will not present problems as you race down the home stretch to where the welcoming assemblage has gathered to greet you with a magnificent honoring-ceremony in recognition of the demanding task that you have completed so competently and expeditiously.” (13)

He concludes by exhorting us: “Don’t lose heart; you are on the divine path Home. Your Father has guaranteed your safe arrival, and when you depart from the illusion, along with everything else, you will leave your state of stress behind.  No such state exists in God’s divine Reality.” (14)

So the period that’s ahead of us in the countdown to Ascension will be filled with amazing changes, changes that will affect our lifestyle, moods, and beliefs in revolutionary ways. But ahead of that is light at the end of the tunnel.  Ascension will lift us to a state that is free from stress and leave us in divine knowledge and ecstatic bliss which will continue to be ours without let-up from that time on.


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  1. Wow, wonderful message, and I will not allow another “down” day to occur no matter what, who, why or how they or it comes. Guess it is high time to show our light Wes, thank you for such a wonderful work here. Love this so much.


  2. I’ve been extremely irritable lately to myself and others – today is better – I do hate being that way and want to just go with the flow but sometimes it’s very hard. I wish I could meditate and remember my dreams – not sure what my deal is. 🙂


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