Giving my First Speech to an Enthusiastic Crowd

What can I say about my experience giving a presentation for the 2012 Scenario Conference in Sedona, except WOW!!

Though I was unfortunately unable to attend physically, during the entirety of both Conferences I could feel a supreme and collective Love emanating from these events and it was and still is unlike anything I have ever felt before or could even describe. It’s so easy to feel as if we are alone along this journey of helping to guide the Earth into the realms of the fifth dimension, but feeling the energies of both Conferences from home was a gratefully-accepted reminder that we are not alone in this and that there are so, so many fellow dedicated Lightworkers.

We’ve heard that we have scattered ourselves out to various different parts of the world but that we are one collective of higher dimensional souls and there really are a lot of us, even if that can be hard to see as many of us perform our work from lonely, unawakened areas. The enormous reuniting of Lightworkers that has been branded the “2012 Scenario Conference Sedona” has changed my perspective and even if this sounds silly to say; I feel like a newer version of myself.

This Conference has been at the front of my mind from the very beginning, when I was asked to participate. The months of September and October would be filled with preparation, speech writing, speech re-writing, organizing written speeches into bullet-points, re-writing the bullets, etc. and my focus has really been put on both of these Conferences.

With all the preparation that I orchestrated; all of the practicing and visualizing, all of the Love beamed into the Conference and into those very moments when so many Lightworkers would come together and express a strong collective Love; with all of this I could still not even imagine how it would feel to actually deliver a speech for the first time.

Despite so much preparation on my end, it seemed that a strange fate would intervene in the form of my child falling ill. While I don’t want to go into unnecessary details, I’ll say that my child was puking and we couldn’t quite figure out why, so we took him to the emergency room as per a suggestion by the receptionist at his doctor’s office.

He has just begun to get over the apparent ear infection that caused him to throw up, though I must say he is still quite grumpy!

While I had to stay home and look after my dear son, after some discussion with Stephen Cook [who, by the way, is an amazingly understanding and compassionate, pre-Galactic human being] it was decided that I could still address both Conferences, via the wonderful Skype technology we have available. After so much planning and preparation, the thought of still getting to deliver my presentation was very lightening; though I have to admit to being as nervous as ever to deliver my first speech, even from home!

When it came to actually delivering my speech, I must reiterate that no amount of prepping, planning or visualizing quite matched up to that actual moment when I was on, and when everybody was focused on me and what I had to say. I was fairly confident in my presentation and in the material I was to present and it was more amazing than words can describe to see how well-received my speech would go on to be.

As far as the content of the speech, I utilized the time I’d been given to discuss as much as I could and I can still look back on my speech and see things that were left out of it. I filled my hour with as many significant memories as I could re-gather; much discussion about our Galactic brethren’s technology and their contacts with humanity; my own continual validations I’ve experienced that our ascension and our Galactic brethren are real; how I came into contact with the sources I channel currently; past and occasional channeled sources through me – I could keep going for perhaps another hour!

The segments of my presentation that I enjoyed delivering the most were those about the ancient Native American Metropolis of Cahokia and a possible Galactic connection, free energy and some of the advanced technology that runs from it and of course, discussing my dreamtime experience with a large group of people including Steve Beckow, in what seemed like a ship just nights before the Neptune trip was to take place. Of course, I thoroughly enjoyed delivering every bit of my presentation!

And don’t even get me started on the crowds at both Conferences! The first Conference speech of my Life was so well-received, and such a wonderful feeling would come across me every time the crowd laughed or cheered during my speech. The Love was just overwhelming!

Oh yes, and there was of course the extreme generosity of the dear souls at the first Conference! I’ve been going through so many trials in my Life, wherein I almost seem to be given the choice between which work I wish to perform; that of the physical 3D laboring Life, or this spiritual work that I feel I’m here to perform. The dear, amazing souls who put this Conference together have come to know of my situation and along with the Hope Chest, raised a staggering, Light-headed-inducing abundance for my family and I. I may burst into happy, appreciative tears just thinking about it!!!

I want to give a thank you from the bottom of my heart, to the organizers of both Conferences and to the Hope Chest as well and most importantly, to each and every one of you at the first Conference who donated to my family and I. I’ve been sending you all my appreciative Love and blessings; perhaps you’ve been feeling them?

If there was one word I could use to describe both of the wonderful Conferences, I would have to bend the rules and use many more: harmonious, uplifting, peaceful, happy…but the most important word that really captures what was garnered at these Conferences – unity. I have never felt more collectively-Loved and I have never felt as uplifted as I have during these Conferences, and the ripple-effects are indeed making themselves known to me, as SanJAsKa had mentioned they would.

And I wasn’t even there in the physical!

Some people might think that everybody who attended the Conferences is exaggerating the scope of what was manifested and maintained collectively during them, and all I can say is that you had to be there. There were so many who were there in spirit including myself, and there have been plenty who’ve commented saying that they felt the massive unity that has been expressed, though they did not attend physically.

To be completely honest – after so much planning, so much preparation, after putting so much of myself into the Conference and then actually experiencing it and actually going through it, I’m now left with this softening feeling of ‘what to do next?’. I’ve been so involved in what I was to present during these lovely Conferences and having felt the continual bursts of collective Light that I am still adjusting to, I look not only to the future but to this moment of now and I ask myself, what is there to do now?

Well my friends, we have a very important election coming up in the US that, while unimportant-seeming to plenty of others who don’t believe in either candidates, could likely determine the course we are heading toward
as a collective. My beliefs of Obama are known and made publicly available, so I don’t need to go into my reasons here that I feel he should be re-elected.

Beyond that, I would tell myself to simply Be. Keep working toward the ascension that has, in my opinion, been given a much-needed added boost and know that we are entering simply amazing times. I’m feeling more than ever that anything is possible at this point, and this is due in part to my participation in these Conferences.

I certainly did not think when I started channeling back in 2011, that by a little over a year from that time I would already be giving my first and second Conference speeches. If I ever had any doubt of the role that myself and we all are meant to play in this time, it was shattered when I gave my perspective and the information I have garnered to a crowd of enthusiastic, respectful, Loving and happy fellow Lightworkers and starseeds.

At this point, I only have one thing left to say:

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, to everybody who made both of those wonderful Conferences possible!!!

Wes Annac – Indeed, I’m not exaggerating!



  1. Hi Wes! I was at both conferences. My husband Barry and I were representing the plant and tree kingdom with our essences and we did a lot of work with Sierra and the team behind the scene. The conference was so much fun. Great to be with such a large soul family. So many of us recognized each other without words. It was a true lovefest.
    I wanted to let you know, that the energy, intelligence, elegance and love that emanated from you via skype was amazing. You moved us all and we knew that you were not meant to do 3D work, but that you messages were necessary for all to hear. There was certainly agreement that we should all support you and your family so that you could continue to channel. We were able to collect support for you within minutes. Everyone was so high on the love.
    I want to let you know that I am so grateful for your presence on the planet at this time. You, Sierra and others like you help us to expand our awareness of what is possible and help us to remember who we are and where we come from. I am so excited for the Ascension. I have been waiting 30years with this knowledge and information and I am grateful that it is so close.
    So thank you for being here. Thank you for your messages, and I want you to remember that abundance is your birthright. You deserve all the good that life had to offer. We will all continue to support your work.
    With so much love,


  2. Wes…I remember when you first started this sharing with us and now look at how many are listening. I remember when you first started reading and then opening up to other potentials too. This is MOST magnificent my dear Brother. It warms my Heart so see such wonderful things coming for you and your little family.

    I will be there at the next conference… manifesting this with Love. Just to be able to see the rest of the Group THANK YOU. ❤


    • Thank you so much dear friend! I could never forget the ‘good ol days’ as they could be called!!!

      I look strongly forward to meeting you and everyone else in the time ahead. To make up for our roles in Atlantis, we will build our own crystal buildings for all to enjoy!!! 🙂

      Much Love!!

      Wes 🙂


  3. I wholeheartedly agree with Cynthia, thank you so much Wes!!!! and to all of us as lightworkers doing our part as humble as it may be. :0)

    ALtho I wasnt able to be there live..I was very connected heart to heart with all of it and everyone and felt the love and magnitude of what this particular group has been is continues to do and be for our ascension process.

    Love , gratitude and Blessings always, Suzanne


  4. And, Autumn’s as well…didnt see her post. Yes, it is wonderful to see all that has developed for you in short period of time well-deserved.! Love, suzanne


  5. I love your work also, Wes, and could not attend but can feel the love emanating from all points. This is so heartening to this lightworker busily working alone in a sea of unenlightened folks from all points of the world who come here to live. Sounds like an opportunity to do more lightwork really. Hope the New Year will help me help your Hope Chest!! Sending my love, light and countless blessings your way.


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