Psychedelic Therapy and the Democratization of Psychoactive Experience


By Sergey BaranovWake Up World

This title came to me during the last Huachuma (San Pedro) ceremony while I was lying on the ground, observing a tango between eucalyptus trees and the wind.

The moment of clarity seemed to stretch in time and afforded me a deeper look into a problem of mental health in the west: Mainstream psychiatry does not have a solution to severe depression. Neither words, that only can lead so far, nor pharmacology, that’s good for suppressing symptoms — while masking root causes, provide long lasting and greatly needed relief to millions of suffering people.

Mainstream psychiatry shifted; where it once denied the efficacy of psychedelic therapy (for decades), it today accepts it as an effective treatment tool. This is rooted in different reasons, one being a sincere desire to improve psychotherapeutic techniques, and another the understanding that in order to stay viable, psychiatrists must expand their toolbox. In either case, the cultivation of psychedelics therapy is a good cultural development, and one that needs proper guidance to avoid undesirable side effects down the road.

An integration of psychedelics into mainstream psychiatry could help many people deal with depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction and self-destructive behaviors. This can lead to a betterment of society as fewer people find themselves suffering and struggling with the side effects of mainstream pharmacology. The overwhelming amount of data gathered from these successes with psychedelics show a significant improvement in mental health and this can be used in a court of law to overcome unjust legislation preventing their use in treatment.

An absurd concept became law in the United States in 1971 when President Nixon signed the Substance Control Act. The War on Drugs (that deserves its own discussion) has claimed the birthright of the people to use plants for therapy and learning — a birthright that’s as essential as breathing. Nature provides us with food and medicine that some people assume they have the right to forbid others. This tyrannical approach to governance should be thoroughly reviewed and corrected. A moral government is by the people and for the people, and not against the people, as things currently stand. The power to act in favor of the populace has been corrupted and lorded over the people. This political dynamic is the root cause of much evil we see in the world today. A change in legislation can provide a tremendous relief for society. Apart of helping people get on with their lives, many people would be spared the indignity of incarceration (for simply using ‘’illegal’’ plants).

The only entity that will suffer losses from such positive societal change is Big Pharma, the modern-day Goliath.

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