Put a Human Face on a Human Face and Whaddya Get?

Put a Human Face on a Human Face and We Get …

Put a human face on a human face and whaddya get? Love.


So many people put a mask on a human face and whaddya get? Pretence, insincerity, complication, failure, dissatisfaction.

People put on a mask to get what they want. It’s peculiarly Third Dimensional because on the higher planes we get what we want by thinking of it. Thought manifests the objects of our desire there.

It does here too but very slowly because of the density.

So I put on my people-pleasing mask when I deal with you, hoping my turn will come. I put on my leadership mask for these folks over there and my ancient elder mask for this person over here.

But remove the masks, be transparent, put a human face on a human face, and I’m free. I’m released from the karma-producing, residue-creating complication of the constructed self, the man in the iron mask.

And when I’m free, up wells the love. It looks for any crack, any gap in my armor.

Therefore put a human face on a human face – be transparent, stop hiding, be yourself- and whaddya get? Love.

Serving through Knowing and Unknowing

If this were a six-month spiritual retreat and we were all monks, I’d be emphasizing unknowing and the Unknown. We’d talk about letting go of our ties to the world and sinking down into meditation.

But we’re not on retreat. We’re not monks. We work with knowing and the Known. (1)  We have no intention of letting go of our ties to the world; we’re building a world that actually works. That may require some meditation but not a life of it.

Our object is not to know the Unknown, though it’s a perfectly legitimate aim for monks and other recluses. Our job is to spread knowledge and then to build on the foundation of that knowledge.

A recluse leaves it all behind but a lightworker looks at the situation and estimates what it’ll take to turn the unworkable into the workable, to make of the desert a watered plain.

One Unfoldment after Another

Sometimes it isn’t individual events that nails a point, but an accumulation of events.

If you look back over my life, as one life among billions, I’ve had nothing but one unfoldment after another. I know I’m a guinea pig but, even so, it’s been quite a ride.

More completion for the Humpty Dumpty Man. My Dad fading from the scene.  Constant comment going.

Progressively making more and more peace with my hostile side until, boom! I changed my vote. A new world opening up. Greater access to love and bliss. On and on it goes.

If this isn’t proof of a gradual Ascension, I don’t know what would be.

Gradually dropping conditioning, emerging from trauma, finding my voice, finding my mission – I predict this is how it’ll happen, until I find myself repossessed of my natural purity, innocence, and competence which I let go of ages ago to succeed in a survival-oriented environment.

Now I gradually leave that and emerge.


(1) The Mother is the Known; the Father is the Unknown. Lightworkers work with the Mother (mater, matter).  In the mater-ial world. Engaged with other people in ever-expanding networks until they take in the entire globe.

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