Understanding Negative Emotions


By Kashi, Wake Up World

In recent times, it has become clear to millions of friendly earth inhabitants that the bodies we have looked to for guidance in the past, are as corrupt as the day is long. We are now starting to accept that our governments and their minions, the religions, the lawyers, and the pharmaceutical companies and food manufacturers neither care for us or about us. The purpose of their existence is to make money for interested parties and gain power, at whatever costs they can get away with legally.

Previously, with our heads buried in the sand, we were unable to see the true global situation unfolding (or unprepared to admit it) and most of us chose to stay a little too long in comfort under the hazy, drug-like veil of ignorance that until recently, was exclusively available to all Westerners. As a result, profit-based inhumanity has skyrocketed all around the world.

With the gap between ignorance and truth wider than ever before, when the jolts came that shook so many out of their unconsciousness, the contrast sent many people into a spin that they have not yet recovered from.

It is now becoming apparent that our ignorance costs us way more than money.

It feels a lot like our foundations have cracked and the ground is shaking under our feet. Our old perceptions are crumbling away so rapidly now that we risk getting completely lost in a mind of negative emotions.

Fear, anger and violence are entirely understandable reactions to the global situation and they are natural emotions that we all possess, the only problem is that they are of no use to us at this time.

On countless occasions throughout history, violence has allowed us to save ourselves against attack, anger has driven us to challenge those trying to impose their ideas upon us, while fear has kept us safe by warning us when danger is imminent.

Read the rest here: https://wakeup-world.com/2020/10/09/understanding-negative-emotions/



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