Judgment Release: The Gateway to Unity Consciousness


By Sarah Elkhaldy, Wake Up World

When we look at the world through a third dimensional perspective we are observing mainly through the lens of separation and hierarchy. This isn’t a wrong way to see the world considering the importance of being able to distinguish between benign and dangerous presences in our environment, truth from falsehood, healthy water from contaminated etc. However, this vital attention to our survival can be exploited by those in power to stunt our ability to recognize our innate oneness with all of life when this perception is over applied.

The amount of internal conflict in this human experience inherently comes with several judgments that limit our ability to directly experience higher states of consciousness.

In fact, not only do all our judgments hinder us from shifting into a higher state of consciousness such as Unity Consciousness, they also keep us in a divided mentality that perpetuates the Us vs. Them reality.

The lessons native to this dimension all revolve around becoming a sovereign being.

We do this by learning to distinguish between various grades of truth and love, fusing our feminine and masculine hemispheres and becoming our Higher Self.

However there is one thing that can easily block us from aligning with our Higher Self and that is our resistance to releasing judgments.  This is what everyone has in common no matter what side of the chessboard they find themselves on—everyone is mirroring back to each other judgment.

Judgment is what fuels denial and denial is a hell of a drug.

Read the rest here: https://wakeup-world.com/2020/03/05/judgment-release-the-gateway-to-unity-consciousness/


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