Dual or Non-Dual This Lifetime?

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

I’m going through a sad parting of the ways backstage between the lifelong non-dual student in me and the dualistic servant.

There are so many reasons why the non-dual is not the path for me this lifetime.

First, I know that my experiences are truncated to keep me here. It’s probably the same for any lightworker, anyone, that is, who works for Mother/Father God. The intent is not to have me be enlightened now, but instead be grounded and serve.

If all of us “flew” up into the higher realms, from which we all came, we’d be unable or unwilling to complete our service agreements.

Second, the non-dual is a pursuit of the Absolute. But I already know that my service is with this relative, everyday world.  So the stipulations of my service agreement preclude focusing on the Absolute right now.

Third, focusing on the Absolute would have me go inwards and perhaps get transfixed. But my service agreement is not with my inner states, as compelling as they are. It’s with people, outside. An introvert by nature, I’m called to be an extrovert. Archangel Gabrielle once reminded us:

“Your mission and purpose … is always going to be in concert and interaction with others, whether it is one or one billion, it matters not.” (1)

Fourth, this mass/physical Ascension we’re involved in invites us to act, as Michael explains:

“When we have said – and many of us have said this – that this is a time of action, of implementation, of moving forward, we mean it literally. We don’t simply mean it esoterically.

“We don’t simply mean now is the time to take action to clear your vasanas or core issues. We don’t simply mean that it is time to decide what your heart desires, although it is.

“It is time to bring forth and demonstrate, by the amazing diversity of talents, what you are capable of doing. Not just talking about, not just visioning, not just hoping for, but what you are capable of doing, demonstrably, in form, upon Gaia now….

“Not doing simply for busy-ness’s sake, for to take action without focused clarity and intent in the stillness and the spaciousness of being is meaningless.

“But to move in formulation, in action, in doing with that focused intent of understanding and using the talents that you have brought.

“And every single being upon this planet at this time has brought the fullness, the totality of their soul’s design to the planet. They did not leave anything behind.

“So you are well-equipped to take these steps of action, each of you in your own way and it is not an either/or. It is a mosaic and every piece counts.” (2)

Our lightwork will be very much a global work, way more than a national or a local.  In the pursuit of it, we’re being asked to start caring for each other, start sharing with each other, start giving a darn about each other. And allow that to shape our service.

Fifth, I’d rather let go of experiencing Sahaja Samadhi (Ascension) now to work with Archangel Michael.  The opportunity to work with him is beyond worldly value.

I’ve never felt so respected, honored, and cared for by another in my life as by him.

I’ll be posting many of the instructions he’s given me about how to proceed after the Reval. When I do, just listen to the care he takes with me every step of the way.

Feeling as I do, the path of the servant is more appropriate for me than the path of the non-dual student. But both karma yoga (dual) and jnana yoga (non-dual) lead to the same place.  All roads – dual and non-dual – lead to the One.

Nevertheless, these are the reasons why I’m a dualist this lifetime.


(1) Archangel Gabrielle: Cooperation Comes Before Love,” April 2, 2017, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2017/04/02/archangel-gabrielle-cooperation-comes-before-love/.

(2) “Archangel Michael on the Purpose of the Reval and Our Future – Part 2/5,” Oct. 24, 2016, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/?p=282807.


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