What IS a Lightworker, Anyway?

By Suzanne Maresca, Golden Age of Gaia

It’s pretty simple. Everything has a frequency and vibratory rate, and Love has the very highest. Any action taken that contributes to the upliftment, or raising of frequency, of the self (first) and subsequently that of the Collective, is Lightwork.

Kindness and compassion are actions of Lightworkers. Being in service to others is Lightwork. Honoring one’s own self by caring for the physical vessel is Lightwork. It’s Love, right? Self Love brings us to eat healthy food and drink lots of clean water and brush our teeth, etc.

Self Love equals Self Care equals Lightwork.

One does not need to know the term or have any understanding of this in order to BE a Lightworker.

So please allow me to welcome you to the ranks of Lightworkers, even though you were born that way.


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