Love: The Keystone in the Ascension Arch


By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

We’ve looked a little bit at Oneness as a foundation for building Nova Earth.

My inner guide is steering me now towards the discussion of what we may consider the keystone of the arch of Ascension – love.

When I talk about love, peace, bliss, etc., I’m assuming that you know that I’m not talking about what we ordinarily experience as those states.

If you’ve ever had a peak experience, an “Aha!” moment, or a realization, you’ll remember that that state was ever so much deeper (I’m reluctant now to say “higher,” but, since we think in terms of “higher,” I’ll continue to use that metaphor) than our ordinary consciousness.

Similarly when I say love, peace, or bliss, I’m referring to a state that is ever so much higher (or deeper) than what we normally experience.

I think we all agree that love is all there is. That may not make complete sense to us, but it’s the truth regardless. It’s more evident at the higher (or deeper) levels of existence than it is here.

Here, we’re slogging through the mud of lower-dimensionality. Thoughts and experiences of love are few and far between. We’re often tired from the daily struggle and grind (compared to how we’d feel higher-dimensionally).

Let me offer a metaphor. When I add maple syrup to my morning oatmeal (I’ve come to love porridge since my hospital stay), it pours into my bowl. But some of it crystalizes around the top. It’s still maple syrup but hardened. And I love chipping it off and eating it.

Similarly love crystalizes, so to speak, at these lower dimensions, but it flows not only freely but copiously at the higher dimensions.

But metaphors are difficult to apply. If I say “flow,” we may think of a river, overflowing its banks and washing everything away in its path. Love’s flow – the inner tsunami – isn’t like that. Yes, it sweeps all our concerns from us, but it doesn’t sweep us off our feet.

It’s a flow but not an intrusive one, which is why, I imagine, higher-dimensional beings can carry on normally although anchored in its flow.

The touch of this river of love is totally transformative. And this again is a difference between it and ordinary “love.” When I experience ordinary love and you say something that annoys me, I abandon my loving state and become irritated.

Not so with the higher form of love. It transforms all lower feelings rather than being overwhelmed by them. I remain unperturbed and, well, loving. Big difference.

So with that as introduction, let me in my next article bring in what some of our sources say about love. There is no subject more important.


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