The Job is to Love

Light the fire

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

The next layer of my constructed self or personality to arise is one of self-righteousness.

This again is a face of the ego, which is itself a product of the mind. It’s also the creator of the constructed self.

It’ll take the purification work I’ve done and turn it into a reason for boastfulness and bragging.

It’ll point to pedigree and position.  It’ll point to saying something twenty years before anyone else. It’ll have a look of importance in its eyes.

Fresh mud to slog through. Will we ever reach dry ground?

Is the ego the last barrier? Or are there barriers after that?

All this time, what Michael would call my deeper knowing knows that the job is to love, not to be self-righteous.

But I don’t have to “change.” I don’t have to go through a training program to be able to solve this problem.  I don’t have to make a connected transition or “morph” from one thing to another.

One thing ends, creating the space for the other to arise. Self-righteousness ends, creating the space for love to arise.

I have to stop being self-righteous but I need put nothing in its place. Just let it go and don’t pick it up again.

In the space that’s created I can breathe love up from my heart and send it out to the world. This flow allows me to experience the love as it runs up from my heart, through me, and out. (1)

The two are not connected. One does not morph or transition into the other. You don’t have to give birth to the one (love) or remould the other (self-righteousness). Just drop self-righteousness and don’t give it another thought. What could be easier?

My much larger job than dropping self-righteousness is to allow love to flow from me in ever-increasing quantities more and more of the time. I’m sure the Company of Heaven would say there is no task more needed than that.


(1) “Yes, it begins and it ends with – it always comes back to – the heart. You know this.” (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Sept. 21, 2018.)


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