The Creator Writings: Once The Dust Has Settled…

via Jennifer Farley, The Creator Writings

And here it goes again! The topsy-turvy, almost out of control free-fall into more deep releasing. It can be very challenging to deal when everything you are standing on seems to move under your feet.

Old foundations are crumbling fast and that means you may have to rebuild more quickly than is comfortable. These are the times when The Universe reminds you to take a deep breath and know that everything will be all right. If you were not provided with these moments, where would you be?

Remember that stepping outside or, in some cases, being forced out of your comfort zone may feel a little crazy-making and that is OK. As the activity swirls around you, do the best you can to find your center and ride it out. Once the dust has settled, you will find a changed world, one that embraces and loves you for exactly who you are! ~ Creator


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