Expanding the Container

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

Remaining in the center means abandoning all actions that carry me into any extreme. Good, bad, right, wrong, liberal, conservative, etc.

Up comes the fear of being merely a bland person.

Nevertheless,in the center, there isn’t one “side” that’s good and one side that’s bad. There are no sides.

There are only people – sentient, communicative individuals, all of them struggling to live lives that matter.

What’s happening for me is that a huge amount of undigested information is coming up for me to assimilate and own.

There are certain aspects of myself which I don’t discuss, just as I suggested to Narendra that he not either – at this time. But those aspects are operative and coming together, along with all other aspects of us as total human beings – our past lives, lives on other planets, etc.

And so it becomes necessary, while living a normal, everyday life with all of its concerns, to expand the container of what I’m receiving. I talked about this earlier as “getting bigger.”

To the largest extent, that container is our beliefs about what we think is true, existing, and operative.

I have to let go of some beliefs about myself, as may you, if I’m to hold all that is presently felt to be coming into me. Or arising in me. Coming to my attention and awareness.

Or if I’m to discharge my responsibilities later on.

This era is not the same as the Sixties (freedom) or Seventies (growth). This era is about service. The matters I’m discussing here would not have gained much of an ear in the Sixties or Seventies. But in the face of the events that are soon to be upon us, they become acutely important.

If I insist on remaining the psychic size that I am, either things could become uncomfortable or I may miss out on the opportunity before me.

I like the way philosopher William James phrased it, when he was ascending from the Astral Plane (4th Dimension) to the Mental Plane (5th). He talked about his present house becoming too cramped for him and needing to move on.

“I feel myself growing out of myself in a certain fashion. My adopted characteristics are becoming too small and cramped to contain my new growth and development, and I will move on most certainly to larger psychological quarters.

“It is not only the physical body we outlive, but the psychological house we have chosen. First after death we add new rooms and suites to accommodate our greater experience, but it is soon obvious that the entire structure has had its day. We must move out of it completely.” (1)

“I do not know when I will finish this composition, but I will suddenly know that I had added my last comments, written my last words as a tenant of my present psychological manse, and will then move into the larger framework of myself which I feel is being constructed.” (2)

My “adopted characteristics” are also becoming too small and cramped for me. Either we’re in the chrysalis, as Sri  Krishna said to Narendra, (3) or I’m shedding my shell or skin, or I simply have to release any restrictions I have on myself and just get bigger.

Whichever way there is a need to go, I have to grow the container to hold all that is new and paradigm-shifting that is coming our way.


(1) William James, : William James through Jane Roberts, medium, The Afterdeath Journal of an American Philosopher: The World View of William James. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1978, 159.

(2) James, ibid., 160.

(3) “If you were a caterpillar, you would be in the cocoon or the chrysalis at the dawn [in other words, cocooning is nearly complete]. But that is ok because that is part of the birthing. This is part as you well know of the cycle. And of course, beloved, it is never going to be about losing our sweet Narendra.” (“Much Lies Ahead: Personal Reading of Narendra Mishra with Sri Krishna and the Divine Mother, May 30, 2019,” June 2, 2019, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2019/06/02/personal-reading-of-narendra-mishra-with-sri-krishna-and-the-divine-mother-may-30-2019/.)


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