Franklin Merrell-Wolff: Enlightenment Will Heal the World

It remains true to my present state of consciousness that I would say that no accomplishment, in the world field, can be effective in solving the wrongness which is so evidence in that field, without the insight and resources which are derived from Fundamental Realization.

… As we advance in our scientific knowledge we not only implement the powers of good that may be in the world but we also implement the powers of evil, with the result that the old difficulties, the old wrongness, return again, if anything in an amplified form. Therefore, if we are to resolve in any durable way these difficulties that call for the function of Redemption, it is necessary that more and more of this human whole should attained the perspective and the resources that come from Enlightenment. – Franklin Merrell-Wolff

Franklin Merrell-Wolff, Pathways Through to Space. A Personal Record of Transformation in Consciousness. New York: Julian Press, 1973, xi.

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