Reaching Unity Consciousness

By Paul Dobree-Carey,

To reach Unity Consciousness does not require you to join with others seeking the exact same way of being as you. You will surely be disappointed if you expect this when joining a community or group, for who else knows what it is you want, and how you want the world to become for you – when they too want the same for their way of being. The journey is yours to solely create by connecting with others as they are whilst they connect with all that you are.

Every single unique individual is a division of duality into one of two genders. Your gender may be male, it may be female, but you are already aware, that you are far more than just your physical body. You are all ways one. You have both a feminine self and a masculine self. It is one of the first characteristics that you notice in others. How much do they carry of each in their display of manners, behaviors and emotional demonstrations? To claim exclusivity to just either is denying a huge part of who you truly are.

The higher self recognizes that you are both, and have played roles of both since you chose to come to this planet. It is the ego self that seeks to shape your reactions and responses to a world filled with others doing the same by defining you based on your gender. The higher self sees beyond this, constantly providing you with vibrational matches to assist you to energize and recognize all that you are into this world. Indeed, the shadow or hidden self holds all that you have yet to harmonize within your heart center as potential.

The masculine self seeks to protect itself, building walls and barriers to create a suit of energetic armour to allow it to face the harsh world of insults, attacks, confrontation and conflicts. This defensive survival barrier attempts to absorb the blows from others but blocks the flow to and from the heart, eventually closing it entirely.

The feminine self seeks openness and trust to become receptive to the emotional flow of energy in motion as feelings. Feelings that determine how the physical and emotional self responds to the needs of others, nurturing, loving, compassionate and empathetic and to seek those feelings from others, but in doing so, becomes wounded and hurt in the process.

The world is fully aware of the conflict that exists between the two – the battle that takes place with every one as they seek to harmonize the opposites within. It is not gender that determines the battle – but the balance sought by the nature of what is present in every one. Kundalini is the joining of the heart with the mind, the divine masculine with the divine feminine. This begins the start of the inner journey, all other modalities ultimately lead you to find this path within.

Opening the heart center to allow love to fully flow requires the removal of all resistance. This is the only way to reach unity consciousness. However, to become deeply loving is to expose the heart to vulnerability. Learning to fully trust your self, to connect to the deepest parts of all that you are, is to shine light on the soul within. But there is much fear of what you will find and what will happen to you along the journey to your heart center. What you learn about you helps you to understand the nature of what others are also going through.

Trust becomes the measurement of your success. Trust also that you will make mistakes, become hurt, disappointed, upset, angry – all the emotional reactions you are here to discover about how you feel about the world around you. Trust is accepting that these things happen and you will be ok, stronger and wiser from the experiences that you have co-created with others to bring you the lessons of your soul intention. You are not a defenseless human on some remote and insignificant planet. You have something within you that is a priceless treasure of this universe, your soul, the diamond core god spark that lies in the centre of your heart. Your soul knows how to look after you, it knows all that you are in your entirety. Why do you seek to separate your self from your soul by creating an ego mind that defines you in such limited capacity.

Your soul loves all that you are. You will know how to love others once you fully open to loving your self – the sacred truth of who you are, masculine and feminine, unified in one being. Your soul and self joined as one, as a self realized divine sovereign being.

With loving blessings,

Paul Dobree-Carey / polaris ab messages, events and articles –www.Polarisab.Com

Online sessions – Paul is available for soul guidance consultations to assist with connection to higher dimensional aspects of self, manifesting and understanding life purpose events, establishing and maintaining higher expanded consciousness states of awareness.

Image: Pixabay

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