This Floating Off-Grid UFO Home Is Fully Powered By Wind, Water And Sun

By Amanda Froelich, via Natural Blaze

The Unidentified Floating Object is completely powered by renewable energy and allows one to thrive at sea for long periods of time.

Expect to see UFOs roaming the seas in the near future. Jet Capsule, an Italian boating company, recently unveiled a design for what may be the neatest way to live off-grid while enjoying a luxury lifestyle. The Unidentified Floating Object is completely powered by renewable energy — including wind, water, and solar — and allows one to perpetually thrive at sea.

Collective Evolution reports that the UFO was designed by Pierpaolo Lazzarini and Luca Solla, and is perfect for those who desire to “live in a floating house and move slowly around the world.” At approximately 322 square foot of space, the saucer-shaped home includes a main floor kitchen and a living area, in addition to a lower level bathroom and bedroom. Large windows above and below the water offer incredible panoramic views.

A hydrojet placed beneath the UFO draws power from rooftop solar panels and propels the unit forward. Wind and water turbines provide additional power. Clean drinking water can be obtained by pouring rain or seawater into a water generator. And, one can even grow their own vegetables on the rings surrounding the unique home, which also includes a deck.

Travel is slow in the UFO, as it has a maximum speed of four miles per hour. However, with as much water as one would need, comfortable living facilities and a rooftop garden, why would one need to race to new destinations? Jet Capsule says concern over bad weather or choppy waves is unnecessary, as the home was designed with an elastic anchor system to ensure it remains stable in stormy weather.

Fortunately, the home is expected to be quite affordable. At present, the company is still seeking investors to construct the first prototype. When it is on the market, however, it will likely be sold for only $200,000 — less than the average houseboat.

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