The Truth Behind Why 2016 Kicked Everyone’s Ass

By Joe Martino, Collective Evolution

You see it all over the place and it’s only a matter of time before it’s trending on social media en mass: “F*ck you 2016,” “I can’t wait to be done with 2016,” “F*ck 2016,” etc. It’s likely you’ve seen this already, but if you haven’t, I’m sure you will soon.

If the prevalence of these phrases show us one thing it’s that 2016 was a challenging year for a lot of people! Personally, I can relate to this as I found 2016 kept throwing curveball after curveball at me. Many people around me experienced similar stuff as we all seemed to be pushed into looking at life differently.

What interests me most within this whole trend of calling out 2016 is the fact that it shows how we tend to respond to things that happen to us in life: we feel victim to it. This is not only a counterproductive mindset to have, but it also ensures that we repeat the same situation and event over and over again. I’ll explain as we go.

You are the reason your 2016 sucked; it’s a paradigm shift that will challenge us, but it’s the truth.

And So It Began

By about October I began seeing people posting GIFs and memes around the internet that helped people illustrate the ‘shit storm’ 2016 had been for them thus far. Watching a GIF of Chris Farley falling uncontrollably down a hill not only made me laugh but I could relate. 2016 had been a challenge!


 Now, certainly any year can be tough for us: losing a job, multiple deaths in the family, or perhaps a challenging break up, but this year hit A LOT of people all at once; but, that in itself should be something that makes you think.

Collective Consciousness

In 2012, we released a film called The Collective Evolution 3: The Shift. That film explored a global shift in consciousness taking place that affects all of us in a number of ways. We explored the cosmic side, the scientific side, the ancient history side, and what many teachers are saying about this time. We concluded one thing after traveling for 30 days and working on this film for 2 years: we are living in one of the most fascinating and evolutionary times in history.

This is a big part of why everyone is getting their ‘ass kicked’ (so to speak) in 2016. This year has been a reflection of what humanity needs to go through and experience to begin seeing our world in a different light. To be frank, I believe we’re going to destroy ourselves if we don’t. This isn’t just about fear, but simply about realizing what life is trying to tell us: It’s time for a wake up call, to evolve our consciousness. And, on the bright side, it’s a lot more simple than we think.

P.S. I highly recommend watching the film to get a better idea of the bigger picture here.

How To Not Let Life Kick Your Ass So Much

First off, this is all a matter of perception. How you choose to judge a scenario is entirely up to you and your own mindset. You can see something as crappy or as an opportunity, the choice is yours.

Reality #1

Sometimes in life, we needed to get our asses kicked. There is no two ways about it. When we get into a state where we are living life day to day without ever thinking about what we truly want, what excited us and doing the things our soul is calling for us to be doing, life starts to get stagnant.

Suddenly, that push to get you moving NEEDS to come as something crazy, bad, challenging or scary because when that happens, we stop and think. We reflect. Why does it take something like that to get us to stop and reflect? Because we primarily live our lives unconsciously day to day, which is precisely what we have to change.

Reality #2

Let’s look at the responses to 2016 more deeply for a second. As people rant and swear and get upset at what 2016 ‘did to them,’ there is a certain energy put forth. People feel victimized. Not only that, but you get the sense that we look at the event, judge it and then move on and back to our everyday lives. But wait! What about the kick in the ass we JUST got? Shouldn’t we be asking why we reacted that way in the first place? What can I take from this experience? Why was I involved in this experience?

Now if you’re a person who believes life just happens and there is no reason for anything, this might not resonate with you and that’s OK, but even if you believe that, there is still so much more you can learn from many key experiences in your life.

What if we took the approach that what happened to you was happening to you for a reason, or maybe if you don’t want to get so cliché, you could say, “Whatever happens to you, there’s something that you can learn, there’s something that you can take from it.” Turn within and ask yourself certain questions that will not only pull you out of the victim state, but also enable you to take action and stop this stuff from happening in the future. Below there are some key questions to ask yourself next time you are in a ‘shitty’ situation.

Reality #3

You know what I mean about patterns, the ones we keep repeating… I’ve seen it happen thousands of times whether in my own life or in the lives of others. When you avoid the lessons that life keeps bringing to you over and over again you continually create that circumstance over and over, whether it’s a repeat relationship, being challenged by business partners, having a family member react towards you negatively, etc. There’s often something that we keep repeating and life is giving us that opportunity for a reason.

These experiences give us an opportunity to help understand what is really going on in our reality and how we can choose to flow more smoothly through what we’re experiencing and ultimately create change. To ride the wave as opposed to fighting against the current. It’s a massive shift in the way we perceive things, yes, and at first it might seem like we are letting life beat us down and win, but we’re truly not. We’re taking the higher road and ending the suffering.

The Key Questions

Next time you are in a situation and you can’t believe it’s happening, feel like shit about it, or that you think is someone else’s fault, ask yourself these questions. Trust me, it will end your negative pattern, victim feeling and put you on a path to change your situation and heal emotionally.

1. What emotions am I feeling as a result of this situation? (Just write them out or say them aloud, don’t think too much, FEEL.)

2. Do I find myself saying “When people do that it pisses me off” or some other pet peeve, pattern you keep seeing happen or belief you are running about how things should be?

3. Are you judging the situation under your own filter? Remove the judgement of it and the emotional trigger and then re-think about the situation.

4. If I remain humble, can I see my role in this? What am I causing or doing to contribute to it?

5.  Why am I involved in this situation? I’m not here by accident, so what is this trying to show me about MYSELF?

These 5 questions are an incredibly powerful tool to help get to the bottom of not only the reason for your responses to certain situations that cause you suffering, but also help you break free and be more empowered without life needing to throw it at you again.

The more you practice this, the more things WILL NOT trigger you in the same way. Instead of being on an emotional roller coaster and getting mad every 5 seconds, you will have freedom from your emotions. This will allow you to experience them without getting lost in them.

Imagine a world where humanity deals with everyday circumstances in this way. It would create so much more peace on this planet, so much more growth, and so much more understanding. We would  shift, evolve and change quickly as a collective and minimize suffering greatly.

So! As we go into 2017, remember this, and don’t create 2017 in the same way you created 2016. It’s up to us.

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