The Legend of Mike Adams and the Reality

Note from Wes: I can’t confirm if all of the info in this article is true, but I do know that I’m done with Natural News and the “Health Ranger”, Mike Adams. I recommend everyone unfollow Natural News.

I should’ve seen the signs before that Adams’ work is fraudulent and based on hate; it took his post from today where he attacks millennials for me to realize he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

He’s the Ted Nugent of alternative health: an ultra-conservative ‘patriot’ (puppet) that pretends to be a rebel yet supports close-minded, right-wing values and attacks anyone he thinks is against him.

This man does not fight the establishment. He does the establishment’s bidding while writing about how great he is (and how terrible everyone else is by comparison) and fooling his supporters with ‘natural health’ products he’s paid handsomely to write about.

He’s a classic fraud who picks fights with groups not aligned with his views, and he has a huuuuge ego. Don’t buy his snake oil.

By C. Thomas Corriher and Sarah C. Corriher,

The number of queries to the Health Wyze Report for information about fraudulent alternative medicines and unwise supplementation has increased dramatically during the past couple of years.

Some of the requests included questions about the wisdom of eating mushrooms to cure cancer, drinking iodine for thyroid issues, and the supposed benefits of eating underwater plants.

The questions might have been funny if the long term results of the misinformation were not so tragic.

As health researchers, we noticed unmistakable trends that could not be ignored concerning the increases in frequency of these requests. The spikes occurred especially after two events.

The first of the hallmark events occurred shortly after September 9th, 2008. It began with an article written by Mike Adams, and we immediately knew that it was something to be concerned about.

The article related to a dramatic shift in his philosophy, and it was entitled, The 7 Principles of Mindful Wealth. In that article, Adams stated, “… it made me abandon five years of false beliefs and unlock a powerful new philosophy of financial abundance.

“I’m sharing that breakthrough financial philosophy with you here, but it’s only something you’ll find valuable if you’re ready to let go of false limitations about money and welcome real, lasting change in attracting the money you deserve into your life…

“For nearly five years, I’ve been operating NaturalNews [formerly] in a way that practically guaranteed ongoing financial challenges. Because I never took money from the companies I wrote about – and I never earned commissions on the products I recommended – NaturalNews remained in a state of self-imposed financial stress.”

Mike noted that his new philosophy was based upon wisdom that he derived from a young girl who made homemade soaps. As his article dialogued their conversation together, Adams conveyed his attitude shift with the question, “Why shouldn’t she be at least as wealthy as the executives at Proctor & Gamble who sell junk soap?”.

He pined in retrospect that he had operated Natural News like a charity, awhile earning the product companies that he had been previously plugging, “… tens of millions of dollars”.

Adams’ financial epiphany purportedly happened when the young lady tempted him with the question, “… why are YOU the only one who doesn’t benefit?”.

Mike’s new guiding principle became, “Getting past self-imposed limits on wealth”. He explained himself with the following dialog of what was purportedly spoken next. “‘I explained to her that I could not earn anything from the products I recommended because that would compromise my integrity.

People needed independent, objective recommendations, I insisted. My content had to be given away in order to be trusted.’ She didn’t entirely agree on that. ‘…It sounds to me like you’ve EARNED your credibility,’ she said with a smirk. ‘The only reason NaturalNews isn’t earning more money is because you’ve voluntarily decided not to.'”

At the conclusion of Mike’s report about their conversation, which he commented was personally revolutionizing, he added, “But guess what? Karma doesn’t pay the rent. Good karma isn’t the recognized currency in modern society: Dollars are!”.

The second event that preluded a noticeable flood in queries about health misinformation was the inclusion of Mike Adams as an official host of the Alex Jones Show.

Mike Adams, the self-dubbed “Health Ranger” had greater ambitions than to merely remain the man to plug products for Natural News advertisers, so he found a way to reach millions by piggybacking the popularity of Alex Jones.

In what might appear to be the result of yet another epiphany, Mike Adams remolded his persona into the image of Alex Jones to cement a mutually narcissistic union.

The situation portrays a weakness that Mike has exploited to the maximum. Before their relationship began, the freshly patriotic Mike Adams had so despised the United States that he had relocated to Ecuador.

With his new Alex-based personality, he’s suddenly an all-American patriot who is fighting for American ideals.

Mike Adams is a Watchful Protector

Read full report here:


  1. Well, he is definitely polarizing. Sometimes I see useful information but am ashamed to repost it because it sounds like he is an angry lunatic. I had no idea about his ideology change. Thanks for informing us Wes 🙂


    • No problem Nicole! Until recently I would post articles from other writers on Natural News but avoid Mike’s articles altogether because of his hateful tone. After the post I saw today from him, I can no longer in good conscience support any of his work or that of the authors on his site, who could very well be genuine truth seekers.

      Much love!

      Wes Annac 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • I guess I missed today’s post from him. I do get the newsletter but usually delete it. I plan on unfollowing him though. That expose article did it for me. You are right – he is just hateful.


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